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A Mom-Perfect Summer Outfit For Style and Comfort

At the beginning of the year, I responded to some reader requests for my "mom uniform"; that is, the clothes that I throw on every day in the inevitable rush out the door that leave me feeling stylish but like a capable and fully functional mom too. I put together what I essentially wear every day, my mom-perfect outfit for style and comfort

However. It's now June in Colorado (meaning we've skipped Spring since that May 1 blizzard), and as we're enjoying Summer heat, I'm finding my mom uniform isn't exactly ideal. So it's time to invest in a pulled-together outfit that's easy breezy for the Spring and Summer months.

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First, a staple: a flowy V-neck top. As I've mentioned before, this is the best shirt for nursing anyway; and aside from that, it's breathable to keep you cool and versatile for any style. 

Second, a mid-length skirt is a great option. I'm a little too short to really jump on-board the maxi train. Plus, I find overly long skirts just get in the way when you're chasing a crawler around the house or a toddler about the playground. But something that hits your knees is long enough to keep you modest doing those same activities. And! Wonder of all wonders! Find a skirt with pockets. The essential functionality piece of my Fall/Winter mom uniform is pockets, pockets, pockets galore! You won't be able to fit quite as much in skirt pockets; but having them available is helpful all the same.


Accessories are a key component to this Summer mom uniform. Since you can't pack everything in your skirt pockets, eliminate some of the bulk by wearing a pretty watch. That way you won't require a cell phone on your person to check the time. Throw on a hat and some funky shades to look chic and be protected from the elements. A sunburned mommy is not a happy mommy.

And finally, shoes are always important. You've got to make good choices for your little piggies since babies keep you on your toes already. Stores everywhere are turning out sandals that function like flats but have just enough of a wedge for a dressy touch. Anything that gives you the benefit of a heel without the pain is a winner in my book.

What are your summertime essentials?

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