For many women, the first sign of pregnancy is a missed period. I expected my "Pretty Miss Sally" to disappear for the nine months of pregnancy, but I had no idea that my lil monthly friend wouldn't make her return until 19 months later.

In general, most postpartum bodies take a while to recover from the birthing process. Doctors schedule a six–week postpartum check up to see how the old system is running. If breastfeeding, a new mother can count on a few additional months until her body is "normal" again. For most ladies, the nursing period also offers a reprieve from the monthly visitor. I was thrilled to be cramp and tampon free, but I didn't mind getting my period back for one simple reason — it meant my body was mine all mine once again. For those of you who are excited about the prospect be warned, not all mothers are so lucky — some bleed for quite some time.