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Personal Bottomless Mimosa Glass

This Personal Bottomless Mimosa Glass Is For All the Brunch Pros Out There

If you brunch religiously, we applaud that — and we have a game changer for you. You can now buy a personal bottomless mimosa glass ($19) so you can sip your drink all day long, because what's brunch without a little bit of bubbly? OK, a lot of bubbly. The glass is shaped like a Champagne bottle and holds over 940 mL — aka enough for more than eight "standard" serving-size mimosas. Get on this level.

If you have a friend who believes that "brunch" and "bottomless mimosas" are synonymous, then this is the perfect gift to give them. Or, if you're like me (and live in a place like San Francisco where brunch is a way of life), then you can treat yourself to this amazing item. Cheers!

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