Petit Bateau Raincoat For Moms and Tots

As fashion fads come and go, the little yellow Petit Bateau raincoat ($129) has maintained an even keel - not succumbing to the "it" style of the moment. With its blue and white-striped milleraies lining, knit cuffs, and waterproof polyester coating, the French slicker has obtained icon status - attracting the eye of celeb tots such as Matilda Ledger. For the first time in the company's 117-year history, Petit Bateau is turning its attention to the lil one's rain-soaked mama and is introducing an adult-sized version of its classic jacket. Available at stores this Fall, the grown-up coat is made from the same materials, features the same traditional cotton lining and has its own equally adorable front pockets. Starting at $150, it's only a few dollars more than the kiddie version.