Many couples are parents to pets before they have a human child. Before you bring baby home to meet her furry sibling, there are things you can do to prep the animal for the newest addition.

To see the list of things to do,


  • Schedule a regular check–up for pup.
  • Consider spaying or neutering your pet, as it tends to calm them.
  • Familiarize them to smells by wearing baby lotion, etc.
  • Try to get the pet used to a routine so they aren't depressed when the limelight shifts to the tot.
  • Have your friends bring their babes over so your pet can learn about the lil creatures.
  • Get a baby doll and place it in the swing, crib, sofa, stroller, etc. If the fuzzy guy reacts badly to it, you can be forewarned and try to combat the issue before hand.

Most pets learn to love the baby and protect it from other outsiders. In time, they will be best buds.