I'm starting to think that the pharmaceutical company is keeping better tabs on my 20-month-old than I am. Earlier in the week, it struck me as odd when my son received a stock-printed card from a pharmaceutical company reminding him that he had missed a vaccination. As he can't read and I handle our family's medical matters, I relayed the message and meant to call our pediatrician's office to inquire about the notice, but haven't had a chance. So my jaw dropped today when I came home to hear a message on our answering machine from the pharmaceutical company reminding me once again that my lil guy was due for shot.

In addition to advising that I make an appointment, it said that none of my tot's medical information had been sold as the voicemail was simply a courtesy call. I am now debating whether I should call my doctor or just wait a few more days until the doorbell rings and a medic with a syringe arrives looking for my child.