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Photo of Baby's Butt Banned From Facebook

Should This Mom's Photo Be Banned From Facebook?

There's something supercute — and supercontroversial — about a baby's naked bottom, as North Carolina mom Jill White recently learned. Last week, the professional photographer posted a photo of her daughter to Facebook. Inspired by a 1950s Coppertone ad, White captured a girl pulling down the daughter's bathing suit, exposing her tan line and bare bum. Apparently, some Facebook users found the photo offensive and reported it, prompting a representative from the site to contact White and ask that she change her account setting to private or take the photo down. She chose a different option: she ignored it.

White said she found nothing in Facebook's terms of use suggesting that such an image would fit the criteria of nudity. But because she ignored the site's request, she was banned for 24 hours and the photo was removed. When she was allowed access again, White reposted the photo — this time, with an emoji covering her daughter's behind. While White does not regret posting the photo, she says she will be more conscious in the future.

"I do think most moms would see it as harmless, but I also understand where the protection comes in as well," White told POPSUGAR Moms via email. "I feel my biggest mistake was not setting the privacy setting to friends only. I sure will pay more attention in the future with my own personal photos."

What do you think about Facebook's decision? Let us know by voting in our poll and posting in the comment section below!

Source: Facebook user Jill White

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AlinnaSavrinskaya AlinnaSavrinskaya 3 years

I do not NEED to argue against you, and YOU are not who decides if I am wrong. the judges in many districts in the USA, and in World Court have already ruled, and ruled in our favor. So call me wrong all you wish, i am on the WINNING SIDE in the legal decisions already made. As to their "TOS" as repeatedly mentioned, their terms contain mulitple violations of US law, and therefore are invalid and void. We HAVE taken it to court, and HAVE won judgement, in EVERY case but one still pending. We have no doubt that we will win there also, as the legal reps of FB have NEVER CARED to present a case in court, they simply ignore the summons to appear.

As to precedents, i'd gladly share them with you, should you wish to become a plaintiff ( or defendant) in the cases. I don't really NEED precedents tho, the LAW is very clear. This even though after in excess of 700 cases filed against FB they are rarely needed either. Other than that, you have to be aware i cannot disclose terms of judgements without the plaintiffs' permission.

Your continued insistence that i have said YOU as owner of a private blog can not censor, is WRONG, i have always agreed, YOU can on a PRIVATE blog, but AGAIN FB IS NOT PRIVATE. No matter what you might think the US Government considers them a PUBLIC ENTITY, under the laws of the USA.

I am sure you agree, there is little point to continuing this discussion, as you seem to feel you know more and better than the judges, courts and the law.

karma3p80 karma3p80 3 years

I really think you took my post the wrong way. I totally support your decision not to post these kinds of pics. What I meant (which I probably worded bad) is that it is a real shame that there are people out there like that who makes posting a cute and innocent picture a problem for everyone. I still do think that it is wrong to punish the parent, though, because any parent who posts these types of pics have pure intentions, hence me speaking about the laws being everyone's problem. I was not saying that you have a problem at all. I also understand that pages can be hacked, just wanted to put out there that parents who do post these pics probably do so with the idea that they have used the user control settings and not thinking about being hacked at the time. Didn't mean to make you go on the defensive....I apologize.

AlinnaSavrinskaya AlinnaSavrinskaya 3 years

My example of shooting people dead, was because this is simply a REALITY of what so many Americans think is their way to settle arguments. In my country, we can't OWN guns, no one shoots others except in case of war. I don't have fantasies, violent or otherwise, but i have to defend these people in court some times, as I am a CONSTITUTIONAL ATTORNEY for the USA Government. So i doubt seriously there is a great deal about the US Constitution i don't understand well. I spent 9 years in law schools in the US a ( Harvard) and France ( La Sorbonne),, where did YOU get your education about the US Constitution?

My father was a USAF 4 star general, who also had a great deal of education in the laws of the USA. My husband works for the Consular Services as a special adviser, on Military personnel at US Consulates in Europe. Between us, I expect we do know a little more than you think.

Your own failure here still, is in thinking FB is a PRIVATE individual or PRIVATE site, it is NEITHER. Under the law, it is a public place, and as such cannot violate ANY law willfully. You try to compare a public site to your OWN PERSONAL blog, there is 100% NO comparison or link under the law. SURE you can delete anyone's comment on your own site, if you wish. Losers in discussions usually do. Like the name calling you felt the need to do to me, it is childish and pitiful.
Your comparing FB to your own livingroom again, is so FAR OFF MARK as to be ridiculous! FACEBOOK is not some conversation in someones' private living space, not in the slightest. HOW do you post to FB? do you just shout at the walls? NO, you have to use a computer to log into another computer in your town, which links to another in another town, another country and another hemisphere, more likely than not. THIS IS NOT PRIVATE, but public! AGAIN, FB is NOT PRIVATE PROPERTY! ASK ANY JUDGE! The internet is by VERY DEFINITION "the world wide web" of interconnected computers, a public user domain such as "" is a PUBLICLY administered service, run currently ( but not for long) by ICANN, and it is NOT privately held, it is a world wide corporation, just as are the airline, the oil and gas exploration companies, and others which i represent.. In fact, we own stock in hundreds of internet corporations all over the globe. So i'll dispute your view that FB is private property until the day I die, for i have already won over 70 PAST JUDGEMENTS against them in courts from the USA to France, Germany, Ukraine, Russia and Japan, for just such violations.

AlinnaSavrinskaya AlinnaSavrinskaya 3 years

As i have said in other places here, you REALLY think fb is a PRIVATE SITE? how incredible! FB is a "public forum" even by their OWN stilted definition. It is a PUBLICLY TRADED stock, a public Corporation and a PUBLIC meeting place. As stated, under US laws, a individual CAN NOT surrender or lose their rights simply by agreeing to such an "Agreement" if the agreement has terms that are clearly unlawful, as FBs' have been ruled IN US District COURT to be.

You folks in the USA these days are uneducated as to your OWN LAWS, your OWN rights, and thus allow anyone to order you about like mindless geese. SADLY i see your rights and freedoms slipping away, faster than they did in the Russia when Marx and Stalin arrived 100+ years ago. AS they say, "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it". America, say good by to personal freedoms, and the liberties you gained from tyrants in 1776, as your PEOPLE are geese, and willing to let Social Media barons rule their lives, NOT the law.

AlinnaSavrinskaya AlinnaSavrinskaya 3 years

Yeah right. I suppose you think then, that because i too have a website or business, that i can (a)call for the total destruction of your personal properties and shoot you dead, just because i have a business with a web site based in the USA? or (b) that ANY American can shoot and kill any other just because i want to, and have said so on my web site?

OWNING a web site in no way grants anyone SPECIAL PERMISSION to VIOLATE the LAW. Having the power of billions of dollars he got from this web site does not give Mr Zs' employees ANY right to break the law, and yes these employees are acting on behalf of M Z's PERSONAL directives. NOR can it give YOU any defense if YOU break the law.

I am sorry for such primitive cave-man thinkers as you, who still think might makes right, and that the monetary power of Mr Z, somehow grants his employees the right to deny ME my rights, millions of other users THEIR RIGHTS, while also denying us the protection of over 200 YEARS of the American legal system.

andreadodd1375100156 andreadodd1375100156 3 years

Yes in reality this is a problem. Do I hide my children because some one may have a lecherous thought. Do you blame the woman raped if she was wearing a short skirt or the rapist, for not controlling him/her self. Simple fact is that yes you are the problem. The picture is innocent. Simple. Stop giving the Pedophiles so much power and take some back.

MichaelKendrick MichaelKendrick 3 years

To me all this boils down to what is more important to you, freedom or safety? If you want everything to be controlled and safe and lose yet more freedoms than we already have, then by all means ban the picture and any picture you do not find agreeable. If however your freedoms are important to you, you have to let people do what they choose. If this mother wanted to post this pic. of her kid she should have been allowed to. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression etc...
I understand that a child's safety is of the utmost importance, but the child's safety should be left more to it's parents than to the government or any company.
The last time I checked America was supposed to be a "free" country not one controlled by an elite few.
"I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend with my dying breath your rite to say it"

momlyle momlyle 3 years

Well it does appear you have jumped onto the wrong bandwagon yourself, your in the 13%. of closed minded and ignorant to what really makes a pedophile click.....they are sicker then any small innocent 98% clothed picture, could ever stir up in the sick demented mind of a pedophile.

momlyle momlyle 3 years

Taking an occational innocent picture of your children at play in the open outside world for friends and family to see, IS NOT JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON.....TO ANYTHING BAD OR NEGATIVE (and yes I do agree that the control button of who see's what you post should be more the issue here, not the picture it's self) a simple picture like this, is not going to make or break a pedophile, they do not need a visual for their sick actions. So leave this poor family alone, I'm sure from everyone's negative feedback, she's learned how to block you all.

momlyle momlyle 3 years

YOU know nothing about me, so please don't DOUBT anything about me, I know PLENTY about PEDOPHILES I am a victim of one, and it didn't matter what I wore or showed, what I did or said, pedophiles can get off on just thinking about a child that is no where near them or have ever seen or met, do you really think that an innocent picture of a partial shot of a bottom is really going to change the sick, demented mind of a pedophile, when they can just drum up an image in their sick minds sitting in their own dark cave of a world by them selves? So what you are saying is if someone disagrees with you, then they are the ones in wrong, what about this mother and these two precious HAPPY at PLAY children who is being raked over the cole as if the mother is such a terrible person who is reading all these comments, a PEDOPHILE does not have to have a picture to stir his sick actions, he can do that stuff all my himself, if you have never been the victim, maybe you should open your mind a little and look at all the other POINTS out there to be heard, there are too many people out there who think since they have never experienced much if any of the cold hard world out there, or if it's not in a book or on a talk show, then it's their way of thinking only, and anyone who don't think their way, is the one in wrong, if you have never felt the fear and pain and scared humiliation that comes with being the victim, then maybe you should open your closed mind a little more. I totally understand PEDOPHILES ON INTERNET, are those any different then the ones, watching TV or reading magazines, or talking to you on the phone or across the cash register from their jobs, or walking the streets or at the park???? A PEDOPHILE IS A PEDOPHILE NO MATTER HOW YOU SPELL IT........

BethBakerTompson BethBakerTompson 3 years

"Get real", you tell me? Reality is that sexual crimes against children is higher than ever. Look @ educ. journal research; I'm a special educ. teacher & have learned a lot about pedophiles' sickness! Please don't blame me for our society with perverts galore. YES - pedophile activity is more prevalent today!! Look @ child porn all over the internet. How could I be part of the problem -- People in denial like YOU are part of the problem/

Nera2525 Nera2525 3 years

I was born in 1956 and by the time I was 4 my grandmother told me to watch out for pedophiles, young and old and there was plenty of them if you looked hard enough. When I moved to Canada in 1972 in October of same year I saw a 8-12 year old girl giving bow job to old geezer right in his front yard which was very public place and nobody did anything. I got harassed by one of them and police would not do anything, they pretended it didn't exist. Incest and pedophilia goes back thousands of years, only thing is they didn't talk about it and it some cultures it is still considered normal. Wake up and smell the coffee, if you put a picture of fully dressed pretty child on your FB they will steal it and photoshopped so that same face will end up on someone elses body. My son is Police officer and knows for a fact that about 40% of pictures exchanged by pedophiles have been photoshopped, that means that this kids never posed in any compromised picture for their parents, but their faces still end up on pornography style picture. Elisabeth Baker Tompson I honestly hope that if you have children you know how to protect them from from not having their picture taken by stranger and turned into pedophiles dream, it happened to mine on the way home from school. They were wearing their school uniform, but years later we found pictures of them nude on the net.

Ashley80386 Ashley80386 3 years

A police officer, a paramedic, a rabbi, a nurse and a Boy Scout leader were among at least 70 people arrested in the New York City area in recent weeks as part of a sweeping investigation into the anonymous trading of child porn over the Internet.. .where do you think these guys are getting the images from?
what you may see has a harmless photo of a little kids bottom these guys see it as much more! I REFUSE to post pictures of my child on facebook. I have friends that post pics of their kids in the bath tub and think its cute... ITS NOT! you can actually have your child removed by CPS for a pic of your child in the bathtub! its not cute and its not funny and we live in a society where predators are our police officers, paramedics, rabbis and boy scout leaders!

AmandaS24396 AmandaS24396 3 years

It doesn't matter what setting your FB account is. Once something is online it is online to stay. Anything posted before July 1 2014 FB or any other company has had the right the to use. That is how the picture of a suicide victim ended up on a dating website advertisement. Nothing is private on the internet and people need to understand that. Plus once your friends comment on or like a picture all of their friends can see it. Me and my friends tried it. All it took was for one person to hit like and their list of friends could see the picture if any of them liked it then the next list of friends could see it and so on. We had people from Japan liking our picture. I myself do not post pictures to FB nor Text pics to my friends of my kids. If they want to see pictures then come see them.

VancePitman VancePitman 3 years

Most of you seem to be missing the point and arguing about side issues.
Many of the comments are about pedophilia, but I'm a high school teacher who uses technology in many ways in the classroom. There is no doubt that pedophiles have been around for years. Of course they have. There's also no doubt that the internet provides instant, worldwide access for a wide variety of unsavory activities, which is one reason pedophilia is a much bigger concern, now. It's just easier now for someone to find now than it was then. However, neither of those are the real reason for concern.
The problem with Facebook and other social media is that they are not anonymous. Many of them allow you to track an individual down with ease. Personal account info like addresses and phone numbers, along with account activity like check-ins, event posts, and location tags in photos often let anyone who is interested find someone's real location within seconds.
It's not the notion that the photo would encourage a pedophile (though I don't want my child being the image that some perv fixates on). It's the sure knowledge that posting the photo would allow someone to find my children, if they decide to do something inappropriate.

(And for those of you who are arguing that it was Jodie Foster's big break, she has had stalkers. If you don't know the story, then you need to do a little research and read about John Hinckley, Jr.!)

andreadodd1375100156 andreadodd1375100156 3 years


andreadodd1375100156 andreadodd1375100156 3 years

No as I stated early just not reported. The laws were different. This picture is innocent and I hate to tell you pedophiles like cartoons, ice cream, candy and puppies too. Should we ban those things just in case. Simple fact is a pedophile gets his kicks from any picture of a child that fits his/her perception of lust for lack of a better word. It will not matter if the behind is showing or not.

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