Up and at 'em! Forget lounging around in some old sweatpants and being waited on hand and foot after delivering a baby. New mamas are wheeled out of the hospital faster than you can say "discharge papers" and are on their feet in no time.

While some mamas opt for help from family, friends, or professional nurses once they get home, 65 percent of LilSugar readers were on their own when it came to tending to their baby. Regardless of the amount of support they receive, new moms seem to be out and about faster than ever.

Just eight days after giving birth to Sparrow James Midnight Madden, Nicole Richie was seen chasing daughter Harlow around a Beverly Hills shopping mall, and over the weekend, she went for a walk and coffee run with her boyfriend Joel Madden. How quickly were you up and about in public after delivering your lil one?