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Photographs Highlight Real Mothers' Bodies

"A Beautiful Body" Book Highlights How "Real" Mothers Look

There's nothing more beautiful than the love between a mother and child, and photographer Jade Beall aims to prove just that by capturing what she says are beautiful images of mothers as they really look — "imperfect but no less beautiful for what society might consider their physical 'flaws,'" according to the Huffington Post.

To date, Beall has photographed more than 50 moms and written accounts of their journeys from self-doubt to body confidence. The stories will be showcased in A Beautiful Body, a book that Beall is producing via crowd-funding and help from volunteers.

"We are facing an epidemic of women who feel unworthy of being called beautiful," Beall told the Huffington Post, noting that mothers who have given birth can feel especially self-conscious because society "shames" mothers for not "bouncing back" after childbirth.


For more on how she aims to change society's expectations about what makes a woman beautiful, read the whole story at the Huffington Post.

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mizz15269747 mizz15269747 3 years
just so you know, yahoo has the keyword for this article as *hot mess*. so much for real mothers.
ashleighfreeland ashleighfreeland 4 years
*10 pound babies
ashleighfreeland ashleighfreeland 4 years
Beautiful!! Sure makes me feel better about all my loose belly skin. Out of all my friend who have had babies I got the rawest of the deal. All of them have flat tummies again, meanwhile I'm saving up for a tummy tuck, not to mention hernia operation is needed. It sucks seeing all these celebs in bikinis right after their babies are born. I mean, good for them, I wish I looked like that. But having 1 pound babies and being 5 foor 3 is not something you can undo with any kind of excersise. Beautful pictures.
AmandaS24396 AmandaS24396 4 years
@BritJoseph Where the H*ll did you find time to work your a** off. My son was born in the middle of winter so I could go out for a run with him as I am a single mother! I do work my ass off but the stretch marks I like because it means I am a mother! I may not be as "Small" as I was before I had my son, but some people no matter how hard they try can't lose all of right away! Think before you open your mouth! Not everyone looks like you! Most people today are large to 2XXL and they should be proud of they way they look!
BritJoseph BritJoseph 4 years
"Real" mothers? I worked my ass off to drop the weight after I had my kids, and everyone should do the same. Most of the people I've seen that don't "bounce back" don't because they didn't try & now they think society needs to accept them for being lazy.
JennieGavin JennieGavin 4 years
It is sometimes hard for me to accept my body even though I get compliments on how well I bounce back. I wish I had a positive image of myself. Although it is truly amazing that I grew six beautiful & unique children in my body and fed them I still have difficulty looking in the mirror naked. It is amazing when you think about what our bodies do. I wish their was a greater emphasis on real women and that we re beautiful the way we are. I also wish the poor celebs weren't scrutinized the way the are for their post baby bodies.
NickieLewis NickieLewis 4 years
I really miss my flat, firm tummy BUT I'd miss being a Mummy to my beautiful little girl much much more. I disliked my body for all my adult life and it never seemed good enough but when I was pregnant I feel in love with it. I was 44 when I had my daughter and my body grew her, delivered her and then fed her. How amazing women and their bodies are.
josiemudasiru josiemudasiru 4 years
I am working on loosing weight from my hips and tummy but I have no regrets.I am proud of my four Children and the body I got from having kids.But for the sake of being fit and healthy,we need to keep the weight down but definitely not to become skinny.
ogunbewonesther ogunbewonesther 4 years
I have never been slim but I still miss my old body
RitaBrhel95842 RitaBrhel95842 4 years
I miss my flat tummy.
momof3jjj momof3jjj 4 years
I had 3 boys in 4 years and while I did lose most baby weight my body is so far from what it looked like before I was pregnant. I have sagging skin and stretch marks but the worst part is my first pregnancy caused and hernia that my doctor tried and was unable to correct after my last pregnancy due to the amount of scar tissue. As a result my belly button doesn't look at all like a belly button anymore. This is the thing that bothers me most and the combination of all of these things have made me very self conscious of my body and made me feel like a "Mom" but not like a woman. I have to say seeing these photos has made me feel a little better. I am not alone. All we see are these celebrities who hire trainers and plastic surgeons to get their bodies back into shape and JLO shows up with 6 pack abs after having twins and you think what is wrong with I really applaud this photographer and the real women who were photographed to remind us of what REAL women look like after birth.
lisahayes82991 lisahayes82991 4 years
I am quite fit and not overweight after 4 kids. amount of exercise could save me from the sight of the "twin skin" on my belly. It just hangs there-and it ain't pretty, no matter how you look at it. I guess I am not as lucky as those of you who can look at themselves and say "I look amazing!"
ladiee ladiee 4 years
I have 5 children and my body looks amazing -Thank God! However it took me a long while to accept the beauty of my body post children. Now when I look at myself I say for 5 children you look amazing with or without clothes! Its been almost 13 years since my last child I am 5'5 Measurements 36/30/38 I love my curves and the fact that I can go bra-less if I choose to, because they still look great! Whoo Hoo!
DeneeForbes DeneeForbes 4 years
Love this! Anything that shows women beautiful as they are... My website is all about that too, so many people tell you what you need to be, in pregnancy you discover there are things you want to hang on to and things you let go of. - Denee (Pregnancy Piercings, Owner)
JoyceGagnon JoyceGagnon 4 years
After I had my 1st child 31 yrs ago, I was stunned to find the leftovers of myself; the parts of me that changed immeasurably and irreversibly. No one prepared us for these changes; no one spoke to us about much back then. I remember my (Italian) Mother "delighting" in regaling to me stories of how women had to accept their lot in life; words so alien to this child of the 70's with the headstrong opinions, who read "The Joy of Sex" in her dorm room, and "What to Expect When You're Expecting." Very vogue and forward thinking 31 years ago. But, Beall is right! All women deserve to feel beautiful at any moment of their lives. So, this is fascinating and most certainly an idea that is long overdue and needing of loving attention. There is no ugly preganacy; there is no ugly in motherhood. And you know what else? There is no ugly in the face of a an old woman...hers is the untold story of true courage. All women are beautiful.
SoniaJoubert SoniaJoubert 4 years
Oh so true! We never get rid of the tummy!
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