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audreykobes audreykobes 2 years

Fyi....medicinem ecious little sighs" are NOT NORMAL...The infant is grunting, trying to keep his air sacks from collapsing with each exhalation. This momma and baby are very very lucky. As an NICU nurse, I am completely against home births. I have seen too many infants transfered from home births gone bad. Infants permanently disabled, or brain dead. And an ambulance ride equals lost time, when seconds count. EMS personal, while awesome and skilled, have little, if any experience with neonates. No, medicine is not perfect. We still have bad outcomes.Yes, women gave birth at home for hundreds of years, before hospital births became the norm. But comparing mortality and morbidity before modern medicine, many woman and infants died during child birth. Patients have a lot more control in their care then they realize. Speak up. Educate yourself. Have a birth plan, but be know it may have to change for the health of you and your child.

missbhavens missbhavens 2 years

Ummm...yeah. He very likely was. The umbilical cord is compressed once the head is out. That's what makes a shoulder dystocia an emergency in the first place.

cchristian3974 cchristian3974 2 years

D'Anne, I SUPPORT home birth in some cases. It weeds out the dumb gene.

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