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Picture of P'4911 Stroller

Porsche Design P'4911 Stroller: Ga Ga or Gag?

Strollers have come a long way from the frilly, teddy bear-adorned versions that flooded the market years ago, but only a few are actually coveted by design lovers. Hoping to change all of that is David Dawod. Answering a call for designs from Porsche, David created the P'4911 Stroller (price TBD) — the most masculine stroller ever made. Using carbon fiber, aluminum, leather, and ball-bearing wheels, he's designed a sleek carriage that answers the luxury car maker's desire to "erase our view of parenting." The biggest selling point of the sure-to-be-pricey stroller will certainly be its collapsibility. As any parent that has struggled to fit a stroller into his or her car's trunk will appreciate, the P'4911 folds so small that it can fit into the trunk of even the smallest Porsche on the market!

Nicole-Abbott Nicole-Abbott 6 years
Sorry guys, but I love it! I'm sure this image is not of the stroller that will actually hit the market. The seat "boot" will probably extend and it looks like they have plenty of room to add a little netted basket at the bottom.
CAF CAF 6 years
This is one of the most impractical designs I've ever seen. Did he test this stroller with real parents or just with a bunch of other industrial designers? First, it doesn't look very comfortable. Kids won't want to sit in that boot thing the whole time; they like to move their feet around, plus I can imagine it would get hot in there during the warmer months. Also, could you imagine cleaning that thing out, with all the food that kids drop and drinks that they spill? What if the kid is young enough to use a stroller but too tall to fit in that boot? Will the stroller tip over if you hang a diaper bag on the handle? I think this guy needs to do a lot more research before they start selling this thing.
Jenny-Sugar Jenny-Sugar 6 years
Yeah, my first thought was, where do the diaper bag and snacks go?
corabella corabella 6 years
Completely impractical, I would bet this was designed by someone who has never had kids.
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