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Ensuring a Safe Ride: How Bugaboo Strollers Are Tested

Feb 17 2011 - 3:05am

Parents aren't the only ones concerned with their child's stroller safety. Before the pushchairs ever hit store shelves they are put though rigorous tests. While in Amsterdam [1], (Bugaboo flew me there to test out the Donkey [2] — review to come!), I learned that the company's strollers undergo more than 200 safety assessments to evaluate a pram's functionality, response to operating forces, and overall stability before the buggy can get its safety certification. From flip-flop tests to treadmills runs, check out the process!

Wheel Hammering

Engineers take a hammer or mallet to the stroller's front and rear wheels to determine the strength of the system and identify weaknesses in the construction. After the wheels and joints are repeatedly hit, they are taken apart and inspected for stress.

Treadmill Run

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard regulation requires strollers to be placed on a treadmill for 72,000 rotations (three straight days) to observe wear and tear on the pushchair, particularly the wheels and joints. Bugaboo leaves it on for 150,000 cycles.

Milk Test

The stroller's basket is filled with as many liters of milk as possible. The buggy is then steered to see how it manages with the excess weight and how much the basket can carry before breaking.

Obstacle Courses

Real-life road tests are also conducted with weighted sandbags to simulate babies of different sizes. In underground garages, obstacle courses are created that involve steps, potholes, and other real-life issues that mamas will face while out with their tots. Bugaboo then tests their strollers, as well as those from other manufacturers, to see how they handle and where they may be improved before hitting the market. During these tests, parents, kids, and grandparents (all of varying heights) push the prams to see how they maneuver with different users.

Trunk Test

Strollers are also placed in car trunks to see how the buggies respond to bumps in the road.

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