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Sweeten the Holidays With a Shirley Temple Children's Table

Nov 19 2010 - 3:50pm

Life doesn't get much sweeter than sipping on a Shirley Temple [1]! Break out the grenadine and set your children up with a tablescape that will keep them seated during holiday dinner. Inspired by Bob and Cortney Novogratz [2]'s kiddie tables [3], I planned a decadent design to play on a tot's sweet tooth. See my step-by-step guide to creating this maraschino cherry colored look! And, head over to CasaSugar for adult tablescape ideas [4].

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Shirley Temples on Tap

It's tiny bubbles for tots! Mom won't have to hop up during the meal to get her children drinks because they are on tap! Placing an acrylic beverage dispenser on top of a cake pedestal puts the beverage at the right height for kids to serve themselves! Clear acrylic or lightweight glass tumblers are easy for small hands to maneuver and allow parents to keep tabs on the number of refills.

Maraschino Cherry Mice

Take the cherry out of the Shirley Temple and make some mice confections! Get the kids in the kitchen by having them help dip the brine fruit into melted milk chocolate, then add some almond slivered ears and a chocolate chip face. After allowing the desserts to set in the refrigerator for a few hours, scatter the treats on tiers of a candelabra to make a fancy centerpiece child eye candy!

Bottled Water

Once the Shirley Temple bar is closed, get your kids to stay hydrated with chilled water bottled in colorful containers to make it more appealing.

Dinner Display

Kids need to eat their dinner, but the proteins, carbs, and veggies may go down easier if children have their eyes on dessert! Making treats a focal point of the table will help tots remember what they need to finish in order to get the goodies!

Ring Around the Napkin and Utensils

Not all youngsters can remember fork to the left and drink to the right so grant them simple independence by slipping the silverware in the napkin ring and placing it in the center of their place. Salad forks and small spoons are easier for kids to use. If there's no need for cutting, skip the knife.

Pops of Color

Tiny red and white peppermint bits placed in a jelly jar are a tiny treat for lil ones and add a nice pop of color.

Bite-Sized Desserts

Marshmallow pops created by dipping the treats in chocolate followed by crushed candy cane or teeny chocolate chips are bite-sized desserts that keep kids from overindulging.

Less Is More

Rather than setting out a big bowl of cookies, make something simple like a yogurt covered pretzel special by presenting them in an attractive fashion.

When a Kiddie Table Meets the Adult Table

Kiddie tables aren't all about Solo cups and plastic utensils! Take an adult piece like a candelabra and mix it with a ribboned cake pedestal, an old fashioned straw container, and jelly jars to create an environment that is welcoming for children. Youngsters should be able to touch everything on their table.

Skip the Head of the Table

Skip seating children at the ends of the table and take the opportunity to use that space to add height and dimension to your design. Adding sparkling cone trees or ornaments can add a bit of shimmer without interfering with conversation.

Bench Seating

Lift lil ones up and pack them in! Kids don't mind sitting close, which makes bench seating optimal when there's a shortage of chairs or space.

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