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6 Must-Take Photos to Perfectly Capture Mother's Day

May 10 2013 - 3:16am

Charge up the battery, because there are few better occasions to dust off your good camera than Mother's Day [1]. Whether it's Mama's first time or she's a veteran, there are plenty of photos to be taken on Sunday. From classic pictures like Mom and kids to more modern ideas like Mom engaging in her favorite hobby, we've rounded up our must-take moments to capture! Click through, and get ready to play photographer for the day!

Source: Flickr user legends2k [2]

Mom Being Mom

Everyone knows that a mother's work is never done, and while her daily routine may feel mundane, it's rarely captured. Take a picture of Mom running errands with the kids, cooking, or just playing on the floor. It's memories like these that she'll want to look back on one day.

Source: Flickr user Ed Yourdon [3]

Mom Doing What She Loves

Whether she gets to do it every day or just on occasion, Mom definitely has a few favorite activities of her own (yes, she loves watching little ones' soccer games and ballet recitals, but she does have some hobbies of her own). Since it's Mother's Day [4], let her do what she wants, and be sure to photograph her doing it.

Source: Flickr user pedrosimoes7 [5]

Mom Taking a Picture

In many families, Mom is the family photographer [6], meaning she's rarely in any photos herself. Turn the tables on her this year and capture her while she's taking a picture of the family.

Source: Flickr user db Photography | Demi-Brooke [7]

Mother and Child

Undoubtedly a photo of Mom and her kids is on the agenda for the day. But if there are multiple kids in the family, then be sure to take a picture of Mom and each child individually. Both Mom and tots will appreciate the duo pictures for years to come.

Source: Flickr user legends2k [8]

Mom and Tots

A picture of Mom and all of her kids is practically a requirement on Mother's Day [9]!

Source: Flickr user es1123 [10]

Multiple Generations

There are few photos as cherished as those with Grandma, Mom, and kids. Taking a multigenerational photo [11] requires some coordination, but when you've got everyone together on Mother's Day [12], it's a must-take picture!

Source: Flickr user susivinh [13]

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