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Baby Bling: Should Babies Have Their Ears Pierced?

The other day I ran into a mom who proudly shared that she was having her tot's ears pierced that afternoon. She inquired if I had plans for my 3-year-old to be bedazzled, and honestly, I hadn't thought about it. My lobes weren't punctured until I was the ripe old age of 13 and I had figured it would be about the same for my daughter — if she's even interested then.

Baby ear piercing isn't for everyone and is more of a personal family decision than a societal one. Sure, popping studs in your lil one's ears helps define her as a girl, but you could also toss on a pink headband or dress her in head-to-toe pastels. There are several areas of the world where piercing an infant's ears happens before they even head home from the hospital. So why does the idea of baby ear piercing still cause some mamas to cringe?

If you do chose to bling your baby, pediatricians suggest waiting until after your child has had her DPT shots (diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus) and working with a reputable salon that has experience piercing infant's ears — or having your pediatrician do it. Select small studs that nestle in the lobe so tender ears won't get snagged while putting on and taking off clothing. And be prepared to properly care for the piercings with daily cleanings and turning of the posts.

What do you think? Baby ear piercing — yea or nay?

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Bestrong Bestrong 4 years
It's best to have it done while they're a baby. #1 The grisle ina baby's ear is still soft and there fore the needle goes in quicker and is less painful. #2 The baby is too young to remember. And #3 I have yet to hear of any girl who hated their parents for having it done to them. Male circumcision is far more abusive. And no one gives him the option to have it done later on.
insi insi 5 years
i believe kid has to say if she WANTS to have ears pierced.  kids is not property, they, not parents, kas to decide if they want it.
Sabrina2945151 Sabrina2945151 5 years
I got my ears pierced on my 5th birthday and my husband and I talked about this before we even got pregnant with our daughter and both agree that 5 is a good age if our daughter even wants to get her ears pierced. But I also think that it is an individual choice for each family. If a girl's parents decide she should have her ears pierced before she even leaves the hospital, not something I would ever do but she is not my daughter, dito if they want her to wait until she is 13 or 18 or out of their house. I don't want other people telling me how to parent my child, especially when it comes to something relatively minor like this, so I don't see it as my place to tell other parents what to do. I will offer my opinion, if asked, but what they choose to do from their is up to them.
bengalspice bengalspice 5 years
I had my ears pierced at 3yrs, and it was done in a doctor's office [my dad actually cried more than me during the procedure]. My sister, on the other hand, didn't get her ears pierced until she was 16. I think it's really up to what the parents are comfortable with.
Simone2944323 Simone2944323 5 years
Over here in Germany no store is going to pierce ears until the child is 3 yrs of age and some put it up to 5!I got mine dont when i was about 7!I have 3 girls,my eldest is 16 her ears are pierced.11 yr old we tried it but she had problems and my soon to be 5 yr old will let me know when she is ready!!
lickety-split lickety-split 5 years
i have 3 girls.  they got their ears pierced when they were each about 9 or 10, right about the time they were able to remember to  be careful, and to care for their own ears.  somewhere around 5th grade it becomes "you STILL don't have your ears pierced!!" w/ their peers.  as babies, i was afraid an earring would come out and they would swallow it.  never heard of that actually hppening, but it worried me.  its a cultural thing where i live.  babies in certain ethnic groups have their ears pierced as babies.  i've wondered if you approched those places at the mall and told them you wanted your babies nose or brow pierced if they would do that as well.  seems silly that someone in the middle of a filthy mall could poke a needle thru the ear of a baby and get paid.
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