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Pills vs. Candy Game: Can You Tell The Difference?

Pills vs. Candy Game: Can You Tell The Difference?

Can you tell the difference between pills and candy?

We're all obsessed with this game, which the California Poison Control Center designed to teach both kids and parents about the dangers of leaving household medicine within reach of children.

Even after our little ones outgrow the habit of putting every little thing in their mouths, they can't resist candy. And if you don't believe that pills and supplements look every bit as tempting as jelly beans, gummies, and pop rocks, try playing this online game — and then bring the lesson home by playing it with your kids.

Play Pills vs. Candy

Where do you keep everyday medicines and supplements?

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DelcieLovelace DelcieLovelace 5 years
My 2 year old landed a trip in the ER last night after ingesting my cholesterol pills. Poison control said he couldve taken the entire bottle and the most he would've had was an upset stomach. I was releaved after hearing this, but I was on edge the entire time. We always keep our door shut to our room so he can't get into my daily pills, but he found a way in. After we got home I put all of my pills into my dressers top drawer. I don't think I slept much last night, I was in his room constantly checking on him. He said they were good, so I think he thought they were candy. I NEVER refer to meds as candy so he will know the difference. I'm just releaved he's fine.
ErinMiller48492 ErinMiller48492 5 years
So, I did alright but still. I don't expect children to notice the difference in gummies or the chocolate chews. I scored 90, 90, 70. Flavored drugs are going through the school - looks like Strawberry Quick - nope cocaine! It's really scary.
KatieBath KatieBath 5 years
I got 100% on all 4 levels!! My 1 1/2 year old is lucky to have a mom who knows pills/poison vs candy!! :D
JenniferV11891 JenniferV11891 5 years
I am so 10 year old daughter only missed 3. I have never called medicine candy, and I set anyone straight who I hear do that. You never know what can happen...I teach my kids to ask, never to help themselves.
TerrieHumphries TerrieHumphries 5 years
@Angie Rudsill; I am sorry about what happen to your son and I hope that he is okay. I used to take Lamictal for seizures so I am familiure with the medication, the other I am not. That is beside the point though. Do not beat yourself up. It was a mistake made and one you will likely not repeat but don't let it ruin your life. We are all humans and subject to mistakes.
TerrieHumphries TerrieHumphries 5 years
I made 100 100 and 90, but I do admitt to guessing and a couple and just happen to get them right. Yes children do not know the difference and sometimes adults. lol However I do try to keep things out of a childs reach.
a6ashley a6ashley 5 years
I'm pretty new to pharmacology (less than 5 years) and have kids, I got 100, 100, 90..I can tell the shine is candy (sugar shine) and deal w a lot of the stuff on there, but kids def dont have that kind of knowledge, esp w the gummy vitamins, or calcium chews..they are way to similar to candy, and don't come in any sort of child resistant container
AmberShoemaker AmberShoemaker 5 years
oh my, i was doing great until the level 3.... 100 100 50
AnitaBurnham AnitaBurnham 5 years
Oh, that's scary! 100, 80, 60
HildaBewall HildaBewall 5 years
I have been a pharmacist for 18 years and still did not get 100% on these... so how likely is it that your child will make the right choice? Keep all medications out of reach... especially ones that would be tempting to a child.
AngieRudisill AngieRudisill 5 years
My son ended up in the ER yesterday and was admitted to the hospital overnight after swallowing, or possibly having swallowed, all of my daily pills, which included bupropion (Wellbutrin) and lamotrigine (Lamictil). According to the Center for Poison Control, these two medications can cause seizures. My son is almost 3 (next month) and loves candy of all kinds, and has never minded taking medicine, either liquid or tablets, when he doesn't feel well. I think he thought, good for Mommy, good for me, and besided, they look like candy! I never thought my DS would get into my pills, but I left the room for a moment, and he got ahold of them. Please be careful with all prescription drugs. If you think your child isn't at least curious about medicine and pills, think again!
LizBrownlee LizBrownlee 5 years
I am a medical practitioner and scored 90, 90, 50. Scary!
StephanieTrevino StephanieTrevino 5 years
90, 90, 80
GinaChristoffersen GinaChristoffersen 5 years
Man....not as smart as I thought. Maybe cause I'm not around kids that much? Just old folk, like me! Score was 70, 90, 30. Baddddd....they all should have been 100. That white candy/med really got me.
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