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Pimp Your Crib: Bright Night Lights

Every child seems to go through a phase where he or she is afraid of the dark and restless before bedtime. There is often little a parent can do aside from creating a comfortable, cozy and calming bed space and reassuring lil ones there is no real "Boogie" man.

Of course, shining a little light on the subject always helps. I adore the Star Egg nightlight ($140), because it's pleasing to adult and child sensibilities. The Egg projects light through tiny openings on its ceramic surface, creating a soft light pattern on the ceiling. Nothing calls on sleep like counting stars.

Mishell Mishell 9 years
Who would justify spending $140 on a nightlight!? I bought one that looks just like this at Ikea for 10€. It doesn't put stars around the room but it does make a very pretty image on the ceiling.
Greggie Greggie 9 years
My boys have always preferred the dark, oddly enough. Which surprises me because I still prefer a nightlight, especially while co-sleeping. I also have a thing for cute nightlights that I'm rarely able to use because they don't want them.
luv2blazy luv2blazy 9 years
My daughter received a turtle night light that shows stars all over her room. She loves it. And so do I :) It is similar to the star egg, but not breakable.
RadishSalad RadishSalad 9 years
That's so cute! I really like the little lamps that look like they have bunny ears!
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