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Pink Comforts Crying Girl at Concert

Singer Stops Show to Comfort Crying Child

Mom instincts aren't something you can just turn off — even if you're on stage in front of thousands of people.

As Yahoo! Music shares, audience members at a recent Pink concert in Philadelphia saw those instincts in full force when Pink (who is the mom of a toddler) stopped mid-song to find out why a little girl in the audience was crying. We just love what happened next — watch the YouTube video below to see for yourself!

Source: YouTube
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JenniferAlexander60950 JenniferAlexander60950 4 years
I think Pink is so underrated! Not only is she talented singer, dancer/ performer, but she is a very down-to-earth, humble person. That child is to young to be at a concert.
MindyBlack35904 MindyBlack35904 4 years
What a class act she is! As far as her having those things at the ready, every concert I have been to people throw things onstage for the band. I think it was very sweet for her to give that to the girl and the person who threw it onstage probably felt a sense of pride to have her use it that way.
DawnGooden DawnGooden 4 years
ya know, i am not a huge fan of Pink--I like a few of her songs--but after seeing this video and hearing this story I am just in awe. It's so awesome to see that even rockstars are real people underneath the glitz and glam. I love that she just let her "mom-ness" show despite being in the middle of a concert. Major kudos, and tons of respect for her. =] Stories like this really give me hope that there are TRUE stars and honorable people in Hollywood left among the drugs, drinking, violence, and other crap.
CoMMember13613660115019 CoMMember13613660115019 4 years
Awesome!!!! You rock PINK!!!! :)
HeatherF55807 HeatherF55807 4 years
I just saw P!NK in concert at Verizon Center a couple weeks ago and she doesn't have those things "at the ready." She receives dozens of them during the concert from fans who hope she will take them and give them to her young toddler daughter, Willow. P!NK is absolutely awesome and I just bought six more tickets to see her show again in November.
DawnLigon DawnLigon 4 years
OMG how much do I love this woman shes amazing and so real.
MaryannHarman62868 MaryannHarman62868 4 years
Always liked Pink and still do. Am I the only one who doesn't think the child should have been there in the first place?
LiimuMcGill LiimuMcGill 4 years
HJ's Gymbo, I'm assuming its probably stuff that got thrown on stage. People throw stuff on stage at concerts all the time.
HJ's-Gymbo14344890 HJ's-Gymbo14344890 4 years
Question... does she just come prepared with stuffed animals and sweets to soothe children at every concert? lol, it was a sweet tender video, but did anyone else find that strange that she just had those things at the ready??
ChristinaTurner66991 ChristinaTurner66991 4 years
Wow I already liked Pink and that just made me like her even more. You rock Pink.
Michael14340516 Michael14340516 4 years
wat a great person love u pink
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