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Mommy Shamers Went Off on Pink When She Posted This Photo to Instagram

Dinner time

A post shared by P!NK (@pink) on

Pink caught some serious heat this week thanks to a candid photo of her and her two kids she posted to her Instagram account. The photo shows the mother of two cooking with her kids — innocent enough, right? Wrong. Instagram users took to the comment section to warn the singer how dangerous baby-wearing can be when you're in front of a hot stove.

"Cute photo but please don't cook wearing the baby. I've read some really horrific stories about terrible accidents that have occurred doing this," wrote one of her followers.

Another chimed in: "Personally I wouldn't hold my child in front of me while cooking, I'd hold them to the side away from the flame and anything popping up at me but that's her child and if an accident happens that's hers to go through."

But hundreds of her followers quickly jumped to her defense, commenting that she's not doing anything other than spending time with her kids. Many people left notes saying that baby-wearing is a much better option compared to hiring out help or leaving her son Jameson out of sight.

"I can't believe the shaming," said one user. "What would you people rather her do? Have her son cry in another room while she cooks? At least she is cooking for her family and not getting takeout or a maid to do it. When you run a busy life you have to do what you have to do! I see absolutely nothing wrong with this."

Another mom offered words of assurance: "I'm here to tell you I have six children, all who help me cook, none that have had an accident and many of which have been in a baby carrier when I have to get the job done. They're alive to tell you some of our best times are cooking together."

Image Source: Instagram user Pink
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