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Pink's NSFW Text Message Is How We've All Felt About Babies at Some Point

A post shared by P!NK (@pink) on

There is no great equalizer quite like parenthood. You can be a billionaire pop star with a personal chef and four nannies or you can be a single mom living paycheck to paycheck, and there's a good chance you've both had to wash baby poop off your bare hands.

I actually think about that fact a lot when I see a celebrity mom living a charmed life via Instagram — "Yeah, but they've totally had baby poop on their forehead" — and it actually makes me feel better. Pink's latest Instagram post, while not about a diaper blowout specifically, had the same equalizing effect. Much like her pumping selfies in which she's strapped to a machine churning out breast milk, this one made me realize that despite how unattainable her life might seem, she's a real mom dealing with the very real challenges that come with motherhood. With real curse words.

In the not-suitable-for-work post, which is a screenshot of a text message conversation she was having with a friend, she laments that her 9-month-old son Jameson is especially fussy:

"Why do babies cry so much?" she asks her friend. "I feel like he's f*cking with me at this point."

The pal's reply? Well, we'll let you read it for yourself . . .

A post shared by P!NK (@pink) on

We will all pay to hear that song, Pink.

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