Planning a Baby Shower for Twins or More
Multiples Baby Shower: Décor

For lilsugar's last week of extensive baby shower coverage, we're celebrating the birth of multiples! While twosomes seem to be more normal these days, celebrating their arrival should be anything but common. You've already downloaded the free invites for the soiree so let's get started planning the décor!

Newborn twins or triplets often mimic baby birds and are smaller and more delicate than their single counterparts. They also tend to gravitate to one another like sweet little songbirds. You can create a springy centerpiece using tree branches with birds strategically placed on the twigs. The cheerful display will bring life and a central theme to the festivities.

To see more ideas for creating a winsome aviary affair,


Use wire bird cages (often found at antique fairs or home stores) and fill them with baby booties, heirloom pieces, or just plain birds. Hang them if you have the appropriate hooks or simply put them around the home for discreet accents.

What goes hand-in-hand with birds? Eggs and nests, naturally! I swiped a package of pastel beaded eggs from Pottery Barn at their post Easter bargain price of $6. Perfect for my bird themed shower, I hung the ornaments in pairs from the pink dogwood centerpiece. Using some raffia, I quickly wound up a few nests to hold the remaining eggs and positioned them around the fete for eye catching pieces.

While any fresh bloom will do, I prefer to use seasonal tree branches for a dramatic display. The sturdiness and height they provide make it easy to perch the birds and eggs. I found three sparsely glittered birds at a local shop and positioned them among the branches. An added bonus, you only need to splurge on the one spectacle as it will take up most of the table space. Some recommended tree choices: dogwood (as shown), cherry blossoms, plum, and green berry.

If the gender of the babies is known, one may decorate according to those colors. Regardless of sex, I adore the pastel palette with hints of brown and green as they bring out the natural side of the flowers and a bird's environment. Because we want this mama to be as relaxed and pampered as possible before the multiple mania strikes.

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I second that — this is gorgeous and could really double for a love birds themed bridal shower as well.
BabySugar - this is beyond beautiful!!! I love it!
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