Think Sweet Sixteen for fetuses. Mothers who are used to having everything their hearts desire now want to pass that diva quality onto their babes-to-be. WEtv's new show, Platinum Babies, focuses on expectant ladies who have hired Hot Moms Club co-founder Jessica Denay and other planning experts to deck out their nurseries and throw the poshest baby showers any mum has ever seen. At a time where many moms are pinching pennies, others are basking in Louis Vuitton diaper bags, Gucci crib shoes, infant diamond studded earrings and $40K customized rooms. It's a shock to the system for budget restricted mums like myself but it gave me some pretty good ideas for DIY projects at my own home. It might just become my Friday night guilty pleasure. Check out the clip and let me know if you'll be tuning in, too.

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