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Lil Community: Who's to Blame?

Is all fair in love and on the playground? This post was submitted by an Anonymous reader in the A Place to Vent group.

Yesterday, I received a call from another mom that I had recently met on the playground. Our pre-school-aged kids found each other through a pick-up game of baseball over the Summer and had been playing together almost every day. According to the mom, yesterday's game was no different than previous ones. My son's yellow wiffle ball bat was used by all of the kids as they took their turns at bat, and the mothers and caretakers took turns serving as pitchers. As the game wound down, an older child picked up the bat and whacked her son on the forehead (I'm still not sure if it was an accident or on purpose), resulting in gushing blood and ultimately five stitches to the head. She obviously was very upset (as we all would be if we had just taken our child to the hospital), but she also insinuated that I was to blame for this because it was our bat that was used and that my son's nanny should have been "paying more attention so this wouldn't have happened."

I checked our bat, it was fine. No cuts in the plastic, no jagged edges, etc. I spoke to my son and his nanny and learned that he was "in the outfield" when the incident occurred and by the time they realized what had happened, the boy's mother had already scooped him up and run out of the park. Am I at fault here?

Let it all out in our anonymous A Place to Vent group over in the LilSugar Community.

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RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
Nice. She probably also sued the toy company that made it and Babe Ruth, just for good measure.
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
Omg, watch out for moms that have a need to blame other parents for their kids injuries or misfortunes. If the boy had picked up a stick and wacked her son would she call the city parks office and complain about trees in the park? Hopefully she was just having a bad day.
psterling psterling 6 years
That mom is just angry and looking for someone to blame. You are not at all at fault here. I'd imagine she's also the kind of person who would sue starbucks if she spilled her hot coffee.
starbucks2 starbucks2 6 years
Agree with the others...obviously you are not at fault in the least. I understand she's upset that her son is injured, but I hope once she had some time to think she'll realize she owes you an apology.
amandachalynn amandachalynn 6 years
Frankly, I think that mom needs to realize that accidents easily happen when your kid is playing a game that involves hitting something with a giant stick. It doesn't matter how diligent you are, your kid will get hurt many times in their lives, especially when playing sports. If my kid were hit I would be more interested in finding out if it was actually an accident. I wouldn't care at all about what he was hit with.
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
Not even remotely your fault. This was apparently something they had been playing with for some time, and you have no control over someone else's child. It's a wiffle bat, not a set of brass knuckles. Was your son's nanny supposed to lord over the bat and immediatly rip it out of any childs hands that happened to pick it up? No, because thats absurd. I feel very badly for the poor kid, and I hope it was on accident because that's alarming.. I imagine your son's nanny was "paying attention" to your son, who was in the outfield. She should take up anything further with the parents of the child who hit her son.
jupe1 jupe1 6 years
Not sure how you could be 'at fault' for stranger A's child (accidentally or purposefully) striking stranger B's child during playtime, even if they used a bat you owned. Frankly, the only blame I'd place is firmly on the child who actually swung the bat and hit the poor child. If it was on purpose, that is some seriously scary behavior. Given that you're not sure if it was an accident or not though, it might not even be his fault. I'm guessing your nanny wasn't the only adult there (sounds like the injured boy's mother was present?) and they all share responsibility for watching the children. Sounds to me like she was just angry at it happening (of course) and looking to lash out. My advice - give her some time to cool off and then ask her how her son is doing.
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