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Just Because You're a Parent Doesn't Mean "Your Phone Should Get Fondled More Than You Do"

Baby food company Plum Organics has released a PSA encouraging parents to have more sex. The campaign entitled "Do Your Part(ner)" was released with a hysterical video featuring several couples in their beds, doing everything but having sex. The narrator in the video reminds parents that "just because you're parents, that doesn't mean your phone should get fondled more than you do."

Plum Organics polled American parents and found that 70 percent of millennial parents feel guilty going out with their partner and leaving the kids at home, and spend the majority of their time together discussing their kids. Even more astounding is that one third of parents spend most of their time awake in bed on social media.

The idea behind this awesome campaign is that a stronger relationship between parents builds a happier home and creates a better environment for your kids. Why does a baby food company care about your sex life, you ask? Because having more babies means you'll need more baby food.

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