Nine months can seem like a lifetime when you're pregnant. LilSugar reader CurleyQ is finding the journey particularly trying as she tries to dress her growing baby bump and is asking the Community for some advice in The Pregnancy Posse group.

I'm having a lot of problems with finding clothes that fit me. I'm so frustrated I could almost cry from it. 

Being plus size before I was pregnant never gave me problems with finding clothes that were fashionable and super cute. I've always gotten compliments on how cute I dress for my size. So with that history I'm determined to look cute being plus size and pregnant. But now I'm at a size where "plus size maternity" clothes don't fit me (Yeah...I'm pretty big!). I'm looking at clothes in the largest size I can find (30/32) but they really are not flattering.


I'm torn. I want to look pregnant, but my extra big clothes and my "B" belly really aren't allowing me to look anything but being extra fat. Do I go smaller in my shirts so they are tight to show off my pregnant belly or would it just look like a fat chick wearing too small of clothes? Or, [do I] wear what fits me and I think is cute no matter how baggy or tight, and just be proud of my plus size pregnant belly? My self confidence in dressing cute and fashionable has plummeted. And please be nice about the advice!

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