You may need to be 18 to cast a vote, but you're never too young to have an opinion. This is why I have brought my kids to the voting booths since they were born. I grew up listening to my mother say, "You can't complain if you don't vote" so I registered as soon as I earned the right. Moms and dads worried about the line at their polling place need not. The upcoming election may be the most important one we vote in and as parents our children will be affected by who we support. To make the experience fun for future voters of America, check out our tips!

  • Put a "Countdown to Vote" calendar on your refrigerator and have your lil ones tear the days away
  • Teach them a lil election etiquette — we all have the right to make our own choices, but need to be respectful other others, too
  • Help them make a button that says, "I'll be voting in 2020!" (or whatever year they are of age) to wear to the polls.
  • Bring along a makeshift ballot for them to fill out while you cast your vote.
  • Allow them to pull the lever in the booth
  • Have your child hand in your ballot
  • Give them your voting sticker and treat it like a badge of honor

To check out our ideas for older children,


  • Prep them on the issues that directly affect them like education and simply explain what each candidate promises and ask them who they support
  • Have a dinnertime debate and allow each family member to argue for their candidate
  • Set up a mock-election party