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Gross Discovery in More Than Half of Public Pools

If you and your children head to a public pool this Summer, there's a good chance that you might be swimming in something unexpected. In a recent sample of public pool water, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 58 percent contained E. Coli bacteria — a sign of fecal contamination — and 59 percent contained P. aeruginosa, the Huffington Post reports.

Researchers explain that sometimes people have "fecal incidents" in pools, or if someone enters the pool without showering first, the bacteria sheds off the body and into the water. "These findings indicate the need for swimmers to help prevent introduction of pathogens (e.g., taking a pre-swim shower and not swimming when ill with diarrhea), aquatics staff to maintain disinfectant level and pH according to public health standards to inactivate pathogens, and state and local environmental health specialists to enforce such standards," the researchers said.

Do your kids shower before getting in the pool?

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yolandaschrock yolandaschrock 4 years
This is why we don't do public pools. I hate to imagine who all has been in them.
MichelleCline79415 MichelleCline79415 4 years
I have seen pools and or sections of pools closed because of fecal matter in the pool. I was told that the pool would have to be treated & closed for 4 hours, before it could be used again. So some places do try to prevent people from getting ill.
AliciaAnderson72717 AliciaAnderson72717 4 years
Now I understand the reason for the shower-before-pool never dawned on me...
StephanieHayden30068 StephanieHayden30068 4 years
Yeeees! i also make sure we take showers the day of BEFORE WE GO, AND WHEN WE GET OUT AND COME HOME. Mostly because the chlorine makes our skin feel gross, i bring actual body wash, and shampoo It really helps, but i have seen people who already had dirty kids, and then take them to a pool. There is a difference between playing in the dirt and actual filth... i think if everyone knew why showers were helpful before swimming more would be careful to take them.
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