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"Poop, There it Is!" Voted Worst Ad of 2011 (VIDEO)

"Poop, There it Is!" Voted Worst Ad of 2011 (VIDEO)

"Poop, There it Is!" Voted Worst Ad of 2011 (VIDEO)

Moms certainly talk about poop a lot, but apparently there are limits to our fascination with fecal matter.

As the Huffington Post reports, a funny but cringe-worthy commercial for Luvs Diapers has received the most votes in Consumerist’s Worst Ad in America poll.

Titled Poop, There It Is!, the ad features three cartoon tots in a talent show, competing to fill their diapers. What do you think, funny or not?


Read the whole story (Consumerist)

Image Source: Via Huffington Post

Join The Conversation
stephanysilva stephanysilva 5 years
GailConway89930 GailConway89930 5 years
I don't see anythig funny about it at all...
AsmaJunaid AsmaJunaid 5 years
its funny
MarcelaReyes95518 MarcelaReyes95518 5 years
I think it's funny. I don't see what the big deal is.
JoeBoren JoeBoren 5 years
I think this commercial is a piece of shit! Pun intended!
CoMMember136119497009 CoMMember136119497009 5 years
FUNNY! Just hope the S@#& dont fly!!!LOL
JessicaPardee JessicaPardee 5 years
I think this is hilarious. As a mother of four and three of them in diapers and one in pull ups, I am constantly dealing with poop...this is a humerous ad that depicts my daily life...LOL
TheresaWilliams TheresaWilliams 5 years
My daughter loves this commercial, and "poops" along! :-)
meganmyers9630 meganmyers9630 5 years
going too far? hardly. it's nice to see a humous add that doesnt have scantily clad women and/or unrealistic messages
MariaJoLynneSousa MariaJoLynneSousa 5 years
peopl are going to take it differently depending on their mind set. If you think it's going too far, then you have issues
TamaraConnatser TamaraConnatser 5 years
I find it hilarious mostly because well, when my son poops it almost seems like he is competing with himself! I love it. People have no sense of humor or don't have kids! xD
JenniferHardwick23250 JenniferHardwick23250 5 years
Funny at first then it got annoying
LillianMartinez LillianMartinez 5 years
When i first saw this ad I did not find it at all funny, it was kind of gross. There is nothing funny about diaper explosions.
PaulaHambleton PaulaHambleton 5 years
Very funny! I love it!
JennyGurney41919 JennyGurney41919 5 years
it was funny
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