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Pope Francis on Breastfeeding

Pope Francis Shows Support For Breastfeeding in Public

Unlike his predecessors, Pope Francis is not afraid to share his thoughts on controversial topics. His opinions on gay marriage and abortion sent shockwaves throughout the Catholic Church and also earned him the prestigious title of Time's Person of the Year for 2013. He continued to surprise the world when he recently showed his support for public breastfeeding. In an interview with an Italian newspaper, the Catholic leader recalled an instance where he saw a baby crying for food, but the mother was worried about judgmental stares and comments.

To see the complete story of what the Pope witnessed and what he said about it, read the full story at The Stir.

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Kaitlin88623 Kaitlin88623 3 years
Wow, that article is a total piece of crap. Pope Francis hasn't said ANYTHING that his predecessors haven't. His opinions are the same as theirs. He's still against gay marriage, abortion, torture, etc. He still encourages loving thy neighbor, just like his predecessors. There have been no 'shockwaves through the Catholic Church' because what he said isn't news. Crap people, do your research instead of relying on media bias.
Gabrielle-CarmenHall1384006875 Gabrielle-CarmenHall1384006875 3 years
April is absolutely right. America needs to be more accepting of breastfeeding mothers, its the best nourishment an infant can receive. If everyone is so against us caring for our child in public, proper facilities need to be given for women to breastfeed their child. While it's a great time to bond with your baby, it should not be made so private that your small child has to go suffer, hungry because you're out shopping or in an inconvenient place.
AprilHare52642 AprilHare52642 3 years
Foo you even have a child, miss nanny? I nurse my child up to 12 times per day. Which equates around 4 hours per day. Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the world for that.
missnanny missnanny 3 years
I consider the time spent breastfeeding a special time for mom and baby - a time of bonding and intimacy. I would never have even considered sitting in a public place and breastfeeding my child - that is something private. Many people are offended by it and they have as much right to their opinion as you who think it is okay to have yours. I think many of the women today just want their rights - regardless of the situation.
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