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Popular Baby Names 2012

SSA Reveals Most Popular Baby Names of 2012!

The most popular baby names of 2012 have been announced! According to the new annual baby name data released by the United States Social Security Administration today, Sophia and Jacob are the most popular girl and boy names for 2012, just as they were in 2011. Keep reading for the top 10 names in 2012 for each gender . . .

Most Popular Baby Boy Names — 2012
1. Jacob
2. Mason
3. Ethan
4. Noah
5. William
6. Liam
7. Jayden
8. Michael
9. Alexander
10. Aiden

Most Popular Baby Girl Names — 2012
1. Sophia
2. Emma
3. Isabella
4. Olivia
5. Ava
6. Emily
7. Abigail
8. Mia
9. Madison
10. Elizabeth

Wondering how these compare to the previous year? Check out the top baby names from 2011.

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KarenRosburyMenzel KarenRosburyMenzel 4 years
We are a family of "Rons". I delivered early and didn't have a girl's name chosen. If I'd had a boy, I would have named him after my husband, Ron, (Ronald Jr...... Easy right?) Well I had a girl, and had no name ready. My sister came up the the perfect name, VERONICA. So as I said, we are a family of Ron's. Ka-RON- VeRONica, and RONald. But here's the catch, if I were to have a boy, I will NOT name him Ron Jr. I am not gonna yell "Ron!!!!" And everyone blame everyone else.... (gee mom, I thought you were yelling at ron/ronnie/etc.). I told my hubby, his firstborn is hisnamesake.
KimDodsworth97996 KimDodsworth97996 4 years
My children's name's are jevin, mitchell and luca. I love unusually name's.......
MelyndaPingal MelyndaPingal 4 years
Im sure Chloe made a top name at some point but im pretty sure Neil Jamesen and Irelynn are all in the clear. It's about the meaning or uniqueness for us.
NamunogaJoy NamunogaJoy 4 years
my Daughters name is Braelyn Fabulous Okurut, much as it didnot feature in the list, am proud she has a unique name with god meaning. Braelyn meaning strong and independent, fabulous means extremely good.
ShannonBowers96746 ShannonBowers96746 4 years
No surprise that my girls' names aren't on the list! My girls are named Kendall Brynn and Kamdyn Blaire. I love that their names are unique and neither girly, nor masculine. If we have a third, we've already thought about continuing the same initials. A third girl would most likely be named Karly Beth, Kaydence Belle, or Kyla Bailey. My husband like Keegan for a boy!
AmyAyers AmyAyers 4 years
I don't mind if my children's names are in the top 10 or not. I tend to lean towards very traditional (old-fashioned) names, with very traditional spellings. I would have gone with Irish names, had my husband liked them as much as I do. My Irish heritage is very important to me. Alas, he did not like those choices. We have two boys; Alexander Michael (born in 2000), and Zachary Nathaniel (2004). Had they been girls, their names would have been Chelsea Elizabeth, and Isabelle Rose, respectively.
JackieGiermanski JackieGiermanski 4 years
None of my children were in the top ten except one. I chose the middle name of last child "Michael". I did have friends who delivered their son yesterday. I think he had been given a splendid name. "Lincoln Carter"
JessicaChillcott JessicaChillcott 4 years
my youngest's name is there (Aiden) but not my two oldest Callie and Kian. I like that Kian is not a popular name and i picked it myself. Callie and Aiden were a decision by me and my hubby. I hated being not the only Jessica in my class. My name is too popular although not lately for some reason lol
VanessaBurns VanessaBurns 4 years
So predictable... Glad my girls have unique names, they might not thank me for their names right now, but once they are grown... at least they wont be one of the many Isabella's or Emilys'.
BettyKyle BettyKyle 4 years
Sorry only first bit to libertymom the rest to whoever want to read
BettyKyle BettyKyle 4 years
To Libertymom: good on you love :) I love it and considered it for my son 3 years ago :) I've had so much negative feed back for my kids names, however I don't know why, their names mean something to our family and at the end of the day it works for us . I have tahliyanah maree pronounced (tah) like you would say to a kid tah-lee-arna or Tahli for short maree is a family name. I have Ezra Charles Lancaster who I considered thaddeus for :) Charles and John are given to the first born boys in mine and my partners family however John is in his last name so we couldn't use it, my pop only has granddaughters so I thought well what about his last name since it won't get passed on and the history behind the word Lancaster I love. Then I have baby kade, I can't not say baby in front of his name. He's kade Campbell my grandmother from my dads sides last name was Campbell we'll just stick with that theirs a lot behind Campbell ill be here for a year. At the end of the day everyone has to choose a name for their child, I don't think anyone's ever wrong when they choose a name it's personal preference and influences you've had threw your life that make you set on a name, I see people write they didn't pick silly names from the top 10 list for their kids, there not silly if they chose Jacob or any other name on the list, that name might mean so much to them. A son is born and the mother names him after her deceased father, does not make that family silly or idiotic for choosing that name, it's honouring that person. What if your child's name is on the list next year does that make you idiotic? I don't think so you chose that name for a reason what ever it may be its your choice you can't say someone else is wrong because you personally wouldn't have that name. sorry I'm not having a go at anyone or anything as I said I think all the names we choose are special to us and that's all that matters, people and especially mums to other mums are so judgemental, we're all trying and sometimes struggling to have a happy and healthy life for our self and our kids. Be nice to each other your not in that persons shoes so don't judge. I wish everyone a bright and beautiful day :) and no harm intended with writing this
LouGage LouGage 4 years
I don't like trendy names. I was quite miffed when 'William' became so popular after my first sons birth. I picked Frey for my son last year. Its not a popular name for a boy and none of my family liked it but I picked it for the meaning and I think it suits him.
LoriHarris17 LoriHarris17 4 years
I named my son Jacob 21 years ago after having all of my dolls and stuffed animals named Jacob as a little girl. I guess some names just stick with you.
libertymom libertymom 4 years
We almost picked Jacob! We really liked it but when I found out it was the top for 2011 as well I said no way! So we picked Thaddeus which is not a popular name and I like it that way. ;-)
DebMartin DebMartin 4 years
My granddaughter didn't make the list either. Ani pronounced AH NEE
RevaRatliff RevaRatliff 4 years
Dont think my son or daughters name will be on the top 10 names either. Did that for a reason, hated growing up and there being about 5 other Nicole s in my classes :/
BonitaHall BonitaHall 4 years
I highly doubt I will see my son's name in the top 10 (even 100) for a long while.
DeniseGiffin DeniseGiffin 4 years
I am so damn glad I didn't pick Sophia for my daughter back in '09. I'm two for two when it comes to picking good, non-idiotic-trendy names that don't make it in the top 10. Score.
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