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Popular Kids' TV Shows May Be Banned in Ukraine

Popular Kids' TV Shows May Be Banned in Ukraine

Popular Kids' TV Shows May Be Banned in Ukraine

Is Teletubbies bad for kids?

Tinky Winky and his friends, along with SpongeBob SquarePants and some Disney films, have recently been criticized in the Ukraine by a conservative religious group. Criticisms include SpongeBob's "promotion of homosexuality," Disney films' "pornography," Shrek's inclusion of "sadism", and Teletubbies' ability to turn a child into "an imbecile who will sit near the screen with an open mouth and swallow any information."

Ukraine's National Expert Commission for Protecting Public Morality has taken notice and announced that it will hold a special session to discuss the report.

Read more at The Wall Street Journal>

Do your kids watch any of these shows and movies?

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KellyHoadley KellyHoadley 4 years
Whatever happened to freedom? If you look hard enough into something you are going to find it. I grew up watching Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny and the Tweety Show, among many others. I knew they were just shows and that you dont do those things that they are just shows. But that was how I was raised, people talked to their kids and told them what was right and wrong or even real and made up. You can find violance, hate, love, friendship and everything else including religious points of view. That doesnt mean you have to let your kids watch it. It is up to every parent to decide what they believe their child should watch and at what age not for the goverment to take that right to chosse away.
DeniceBeukes DeniceBeukes 4 years
I do agree most of our children is spenting to much time in front of the television, but because there is no other way, since both parents need to work.With the other channels like spongebob and the other above mentioned I watch it with my kids, and I enjoy it with them.But what warries me, is the programme on Nickolodeon, The House of Unibus, it is so satanistic, I did a research of all signs and names, it is fully dirty of satan,I cannot believe that people will go that far to poison our kids minds, I hate is to be a full time security and I believe my children will hate it as well, why not keep children programmes clean enough for them to enjoy, why should every thing be a probleem to start with.
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