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Popular Parenting Stories the Week of Aug. 19 to 25, 2013

The 5 Most-Talked-About POPSUGAR Moms Stories This Week

There's never a shortage of news in the parenting world — from new studies to differing parenting styles. It all provides us with fodder to discuss on the playground, in the pickup line, and online. Take a look at the five stories that had our moms talking the most this week.

  1. Seventeen Brain-Boosting Breakfasts From America’s Top Chefs

    Back-to-school time is right around the corner, and there's nothing more important than starting your kids' days off with a healthy, hearty breakfast. This week, our readers borrowed morning mealtime inspiration from 17 of the country's best chefs. Bon appétit!

  2. The Most Common Car Seat Mishaps New Parents Make

    Prince William's not the only one . . . plenty of new parents have trouble with the tricky task of car seat installation. Our guide to the most common mistakes that moms and dads make when trying to get those seats secured in the car was a top read this week.

Keep reading for the rest of the most-talked-about stories this week.

  1. The Best Reading Nooks For Kids and Their Books

    We loved all of these creative ideas for kid-friendly reading nooks, and so did you! Giving your kids a cozy place to curl up with a good book (or even their homework) is a welcoming way to encourage a love of learning.

  2. Is Holding Dad's Beer a Crime?

    Have you heard about the dad who was kicked out of a University of Phoenix football game for having his 15-year-old son hold his beer? John Coulter of Glendale, AZ, received a trespassing citation and was told to leave the stadium for giving alcohol to a minor — even though he wasn't drinking. Our readers' reactions to the punishment were mixed. Where do you weigh in?

  3. Is It Time to Rethink Drinking, Sushi, and Deli Meat During Pregnancy?

    If there's one topic that gets moms (and moms-to-be) worked up, it's that of drinking during pregnancy. In her new book, Expecting Better, author Emily Oster questions the necessity of pregnancy diet rules. When the issue was posed to our readers via social media, it stirred up quite a bit of controversy!

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