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Popular Parenting Stories Week of Aug. 26 to Sept. 1, 2013

The 5 Most-Talked-About POPSUGAR Moms Stories This Week

There's never a shortage of news in the parenting world — from new studies to differing parenting styles. It all provides us with fodder to discuss on the playground, in the pickup line, and online. Take a look at the five stories that had our moms talking the most this week.

  1. Pretty Girls Names

    There must be a lot of baby girls on the way, because our roundup of suggestions for the prettiest girl names gained a lot of traction this week. A few inspirational starting points? Channel your inner francophile with names like Odette, Juliette, and Giselle, or, think of some of your favorite places in the world — Charlotte, Sydney, and Aspen — to name a few!

  2. What Moms Were Thinking Watching the VMAs

    If you caught MTV's Video Music Awards last Sunday evening, chances are, you were watching it from a different vantage point than your teenage self would have been. We singled out six moments that raised red flags in our "mom brains" — from Miley Cyrus's provocative performance to Harry Styles's gum-chomping award presentation.

  3. Keep reading for the rest of the most-talked-about stories this week.

  4. Instagram Censors the Naked Breastfeeding Yoga Mom

    If you caught a glimpse of the viral photo of Amy Woodruff, the mom who breastfed while doing yoga (a headstand to be exact), you were likely as wowed as we were. When Instagram shut down Woodruff's account because of its graphic content, the story made headlines. Whether for or against social media censorship, our readers weren't shy about sharing their opinions!

  5. 3 Tips For Preventing Middle Child Syndrome

    Once your kid count surpasses two, someone becomes a middle child. While it may seem cliché, it's never easy being stuck in the middle of a party of three (or four). Our tips for avoiding middle child syndrome struck a chord with parents who are striving to keep a balance amongst their kiddos.

  6. Another Airline Implements a No-Kid Zone

    The addition of a child-free quiet zone on Singapore Airlines' low-budget carrier, Scoot, caused quite a stir amongst moms. Many were in favor of giving passengers the opportunity to have a flight that's guaranteed to be child-free and peaceful. Read on to see what the company's CEO has to say about the new policy.

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