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Popular Parenting Stories the Week of July 1 to 7, 2013

The 5 Most-Talked-About POPSUGAR Moms Stories This Week

In the parenting world, there's never a shortage of news — from new studies to differing parenting styles. It all provides us with fodder to discuss on the playground, in the pickup line, and online. Take a look at the five stories that were most popular among our moms this week!

  1. Dealing With Toxic Mom Friends

    "Toxic mom friends" can come in a variety of forms — from the judgmental mom at the school yard to the fellow soccer mom who's always drawing comparisons between kids. One thing's for certain, though — most of our readers were able to relate to having someone whose intentions are less than pure in their lives! Our favorite reader comment on the issue? "If you have one in your life, time to weed your social garden!"

  2. Teen Jailed Over Sarcastic Facebook Comment

    When the news broke that a Texas teen has been serving jail time since February for a Facebook comment that was construed as a threat, our MOMS community had mixed reactions about the punishment. In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, the boy's quip about taking similar action in his own school was not taken lightly. Did the punishment fit the crime? Get the full story and weigh in for yourself.

  3. Keep reading for the rest of the most-talked-about stories this week.

  4. Forty-One Outdoor Activities to Get the Kids Out of the House This Summer

    We had a feeling that our readers would be on the search for ways to keep their kids busy and active outdoors this Summer, and we were right! Covering everything from DIY slip-and-slides to brewing up a batch of sun tea, this story served as a one-stop shop for outdoor activity inspiration for many a mom.

  5. Must-Take Pictures on Baby's First Day

    There must be a slew of Summer babies on the way, because many of you were on the search for photo inspiration for that all-important first day of life. Our story on the top 10 most important pics to snap on baby's first day is always a popular one, and this week was no exception.

  6. Working Your Kids Into Your Exercise Routine

    Finding the time to work out with kids is no easy task. Whether you're a working mom or at home with your little ones, if tots are in tow, it's difficult to find 10 minutes to yourself, let alone an hour for a trip to the gym. Our ideas for easy workouts that you can do with your kids proved to be popular among our readers this week!
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