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Portable Pottys That Work at Home and On the Go

BABYBJÖRN at ShopStyle

The right gizmos go a long way when it comes to potty training. The simple toilet paper saver will defend against a trip to buy Costco's entire toilet paper supply and portable pottys will come to the rescue when your little one has to go in and out of the house.

While many families opt to install small, potty training seat covers on their home toilets, small and portable plastic pots offer a squatting spot whenever and wherever your tot needs it. Be it your home bathroom, grandma's place, or the back of the SUV (hey, it happens!).

The colorful Baby Bjorn Potty Chair ($30) is a favorite among seasoned potty trainers, but there are more fancy options like mini urinals or less expensive pots from stores like Ikea or BabiesRUS that offer the same comforting and liquid containing support.

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nevadamtnbear nevadamtnbear 8 years
Oy vey! Why do I always put an "i" in Bjorn. *sigh* Seriously, can I use being 39 weeks pregnant as an excuse?
nevadamtnbear nevadamtnbear 8 years
The Bjiorn potty ROCKS! We used the travel one (not as fancy as those pictured, no removable "cup") with our son and it was totally awesome for all our long extended camping and road trips. I attribute the potty to getting him 100% poo potty trained because it's nice and low. We liked it because not only was it convinient (only one piece), easy to clean and sanitize (no nooks and crannies for ick to stick). Actually, we're huge fans of all the Bjiorn potty training products. Their toilet seat insets for little ones work wonderfully rather than buying a traditional potty chair for home potty training. Almost gets me excited to start potty training the new one on the way. Guess we'd better let her be born first. ;)
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