One of the perks of maternity clothes, especially shirts, is that they actually cover your belly. When my belly got too big to hide, I stowed my tops away for future seasons. As the postnatal months passed by, I eagerly waited to pull on my forgotten threads. Down 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy body weight, I was leaner and more confident that my old wardrobe would be ready for wear.

My jeans fit fine, if not a tad loose, and my bras definitely had room to spare. The shirts, on the other hand, were a tad too short! I never sported a midriff and I rarely wore tight clothes so why, oh why, were my tees rising so high? Had my torso lengthened during my pregnancy, or did my shirts magically shrink in their plastic bins? Perplexed by this issue and bummed to be donating such fab tops, I consulted my mommy friends. They declared the same thing — their pre-pregnancy shirts seemed shorter without reasonable explanation.

Did you experience the shirt-shortening phenomenon?