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Did Your Birth Control Change After Baby?

Having a baby changes everything, including birth control for many new mamas. When visiting the doctor for a postpartum checkup, one subject sure to be discussed is birth control options going forward. For women who've been on birth control pills for many years, the idea of remembering to take the lil tablets each day is simply too much. For others, the convenience of something they only have to think about a few times a year makes more sense in their newly hectic world. Still, others decide to scrap foreign objects altogether and turn to more natural prevention like the Fertility Awareness Method.

Did you switch up your birth control after having a baby?

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MonkiChriz MonkiChriz 6 years
I didn't want to take any kind of meds (especially ones that could make me gain weight - I have the baby weight still!) so I'm still off the pill.
Budderflie Budderflie 6 years
Yup! I wanted as permanent as possible after we had our DS but my doctor wouldnt do anything to that extent. She said since I was under 30 and he was our only child she wasnt going to do anything in case I changed my mind. So instead I got the copper IUD and DH is going to get a vasectomy. We mean business.
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