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Postpartum Pregnancy as Early as Three Weeks After Delivery

Postpartum Women Can Get Pregnant as Early as 3 Weeks After Delivery According to New Research

Two under two? Try two under one! According to new research, a postpartum woman can get pregnant again as early as three weeks after delivery, though most won't start ovulating for six weeks. Though many women hold off on getting back in the saddle until after they receive clearance from their doc, 21 percent of LilSugar readers jumped back in the sack prior to the six-week mark. The news has medical professionals warning sexually active new moms to consider their birth control options, unless they're aiming for two tots in one year!

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corcar86 corcar86 6 years
A coworker of mine's daughter gave birth and ended up pregnant again when her daughter was only 3 1/2 months cause she believed she wouldn't get pregnant while nursing! Be warned this is a MYTH lol
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