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Packed on the Pounds After Weaning Your Wee One?

Apr 19 2010 - 11:57am

Celebrities love to attribute their rapid postpartum weight loss to nursing their newborn babies. Heidi Klum [1], Naomi Watts [2], Jessica Alba [3], Tori Spelling [4], and Rebecca Romijn [5] all credit their quick bounce backs to nourishing their lil ones with mother's milk. Others, like Salma Hayek [6] say that the act of breastfeeding did little to help in returning to the pre-baby physiques.

Doctors recommend that breastfeeding mamas eat an extra 400 calories a day [7] to help maintain their milk supply. Following nine months of pregnancy and several months of nursing, it can be difficult for women to cut back to a regular diet, leading many moms to gain weight once they wean [8] their tots.

Did you gain weight when you finished breastfeeding?

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