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Potty Mouthed Shirt For Moms

Potty Mouthed Shirts Are Perfect For Swearing Moms Who Give Zero F*cks

If someone kept track of how many times we whispered "sh*t" or "f*ck" under our breath a day, well, we'd be in trouble. Lucky for cursing moms all over, there's a new shirt to add to your wardrobe and it's essentially a "get out of swear-jail free card" for all the times a curse has slipped out. We spotted mommy blogger Heather Stachowiak Brown wearing the "Potty Mouthed" shirt on Instagram alongside her adorable baby, Fox, who's wearing a onesie with the words "Potty Trained" crossed out. Who knew swearing could be so fashionable?

Heather and her son's matching outfits were made by The Wittle Co, and although the shop is currently taking a break on Etsy, we've found a similar replacement, the Matching Mommy and Me Set, Potty Trained Potty Mouthed ($39), seen below.

You can find us showing up to the family Christmas party wearing a "Potty Mouthed" shirt and bearing gifts with "Merry F*cking Christmas" wrapping paper. Or shall we heat up the stuffing with our curse-word oven mitts? How do you like me now, mother-in-law?

Matching Mommy and Me Set, Potty Trained Potty Mouthed
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