Apparently it's time for my babe to start potty training. I feel like I did when I was first pregnant – totally lost. I wasn't sure if I should get the potty that sits on the ground or the kind that fits over the regular seat? Clearly there are drawbacks to both.

The former option means I go from changing dirty diapers to cleaning out a toilet. Not much of a step up, even if it's only a phase. The latter would require me to take the seat on and off every time she uses it because we are a one toilet family. That wouldn't be much fun either.

I went shopping and heeded to the store clerk's advice and purchased the $25 Baby Bjorn that sits on the ground. She said the other type is better once tots are a lil bigger and can sit on the adult toilet.

All of this potty talk makes me dizzy. I'll update you on my progress, but if you have any advice, please dish it in the comments section.