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Potty Training in Restaurant

Customers Shocked by Toddler Potty-training at Restaurant!

Would you let your child poop in the potty in a restaurant?

That's just what one Manhattan woman did at an outdoor restaurant, allowing the boy to do "No. 2" right next to the table while others were dining nearby, Today reports.

Even if you needed to keep your child on a strict schedule, Today show hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb suggest moms choose less offensive options, like taking the potty to the bathroom and having the child use it there.

After all, Gifford says, "Children on a potty are adorable, but . . . "

"Not what happens after, which is the wiping portion," Kotb concludes.

Source: Today
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Sandra14334467 Sandra14334467 4 years
Who has an appetite after watching that? Maybe I should blow my nose at a restaurant, or clear my throat? What is wrong with the younger generation? Don't they think? Everyone does not have children, to be able to tolerate this.
DiannHolland DiannHolland 4 years
Really? I mean REALLY! What are these parents THINKING?!?!?
TinaClemons TinaClemons 4 years
The potty training should have been done in the bathroom not in public view.
KellyDean73074 KellyDean73074 4 years
I don't feel it is ever appropriate to allow your child to defecate in a restaurant dining room. Public restaurants are required to provide public restrooms. The appropriate thing to do, if you're trying to keep your child on a schedule, is to allow a few minutes to get to the restroom and set his potty up there. We use the toilet IN THE BATHROOM. Not in our pants, not in our beds, and not in the middle of a dining room.
PninaBarber PninaBarber 4 years
I would still provide my child with far more privacy than this, but looking at the picture, she appears to be in a secluded area of a restaurant patio. Not in the middle of a bunch of diners as is suggested by this article. No telling why she opted not to use the bathroom. Perhaps the place was closed (look at all the shut down umbrellas) and she is doing the best she can. She has a potty so she is in better shape than many parents who have been caught with a desperate child and no better place to take them than some piece of shrubbery or back alley wall. Just saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, but each one can tell multiple stories.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 4 years
Unsanitary!!!!! Disgusting, appalling, and crude! This woman should not be the mother or nanny or whatever she is to this child. This little boy will grow up to think it's okay to pubicly relieve hiimself. Where is this woman's self-respect? There are fold up potty seats that fit on top of toilet seats made especially for small children. They fit into a small handbag. If I knew who she is, I would send one to her. I am totally disgusted at her lack of manners and edicate.
TessaBarker TessaBarker 4 years
First of all I am a mum of 2 kids and would not let them do this and second just because the kids is white and mum is back doesn't mean a thing eg odopshon
StephFilby StephFilby 4 years
No its just gross. I am not am ignorant American, but I am a mum of four and never in my life would I allow one of my brood to use the potty in public. Kids should be taught from as young an age as possible that you use a bathroom and wash your hands. You don't poo in public. Especially in a restaurant. You can raise your kids however you like, but you should still respect other people and I can't see how letting your child poo in a restaurant is respectful of other diners.
LauraCharlton LauraCharlton 4 years
As a mom who lives in asia id just like to comment that having a child "go potty" in a resto is not common practise iv lived in the philippines/china/Uk and spent time in Europe and the US and yes for very small BABYs changing diapers in some public places is un avoidable but setting a potty down like that is realy not of good taste. Im all for keeping a schedule but im potty training my son and we do things like that in a bathroom if the resto or area doesnt have 1 most people are friendly enough to give a private room for such things.... Im all for strong women sticking to the way they want to raise their children but comon before she gave birth what would her reaction have been to someone else doing that while shes eating?
RachelHeng63810 RachelHeng63810 4 years
i don't get it. white kid can't have a non-white mum? and talking about culture and practises, i thought it is common sense that when out of our homeland we should respect and follow the culture and practises of the country that we are visiting or staying for a period of time? even if we do not know what the culture and practises are, there are some things that is common sense that should not be done in public. while we mums are very used to talking and poop and pee, even during meal times, others may not like it. so we are also very watchful about who we are with when we are talking about different topics at different settings. just a thought...
BrendaOlwagen BrendaOlwagen 4 years
Nope, sorry helenhelen97010, but I've also lived OVERSEAS - in a few countries for a few years at a time (but obviously not in the far-East :-D) - and never in all my life have I seen a toddler using a travel potty in public, let alone in a restaurant doing a no.2!! This does not happen in South Africa either, which is home to us (so, I'm not an "ignorant American" as you assume everyone disgusted by this to be). Yes, changing diapers in public was relatively common,but people were not actually made aware that the act of pooping was taking place and made to watch it. A diaper being changed is one thing, having to watch the dump taking place while eating is quite another!
KhyaraNewton KhyaraNewton 4 years
Wow!!!! The child is white!!! Did Abby if you care to think the woman might be his nanny??? Maybe the floor in the bathroom weren't sanitary or any other reason.. Get off of people's backs raise your kids your way and stop tryna jump on other people our their cultures especially if you don't know what's really going on. Picture taken out off context.
BarbaraTaylor80413 BarbaraTaylor80413 4 years
When in Rome come to mind....
MeredithSather MeredithSather 4 years
While this may be common in China, it's not common here. I can't think of anyone who desires to see a kid taking a dump in a kiddie potty or even a tinkle. Do you really want to catch a whiff of fecal matter or urine while you're eating, let alone see it? It doesn't take much effort to take the kid to the bathroom to do his business. Fecal matter has a lot of bacteria on it and you don't know if she's going to clean his and her hands afterwards, and what is she going to do about disposing of the stuff? Learn the ways of the culture that you're in. I wouldn't do something in another country that would cause offense to other people. I would educate myself on their cultural norms and use common courtesy.
KellyWalkerEveritt KellyWalkerEveritt 4 years
I do understand that other cultures do not have the mortal fear of poo the way Americans do, though I wonder what health issues they have. But my thought is even if she was visiting I feel like the polite thing to do is learn as much about a country's etiquette and manners. I know I am learning basic language and about the places we are visiting so I don't look like an rude American. I think when we relocate or travel we are diplomates for our homes. What she did was rude, this is a place where food is served not a park. What would of happened to the restaurant if a food inspector was there?
helenhelen97010 helenhelen97010 4 years
To all concerned--PLEASE GET OFF YOUR SOAPBOX. In USA, no I wouldn't. I was born here and I know the rules. However, I can see from the picture that the woman appears to be from a foreign culture. I have lived OVERSEAS and in other cultures this is NORMAL. I am not saying I agree or disagree. Just that its not so black and white. WHY Did the person writing this not have the humanity to talk to this woman instead of posting her as an example of distaste?? Prejudice maybe?? Overseas, in the country I lived in for two years, I was changing my baby's diaper everywhere. In the airport, in the doctor's office etc. Everyone else did it too. WHY are people in USA so ignorant that they ONLY judge people by USA "norms"?
RikkiMoodley RikkiMoodley 4 years
as a mom who is currently potty training my son, i would not do so in such a public setting, as i would not want to see that, even as a mom. definitely take him to the restroom.
KerryBrown29365 KerryBrown29365 4 years
Unbelievable!!! Don't they know that there are child predators everywhere!! Why would you want to let your child be naked in public???
LizParkin LizParkin 4 years
the ethnicity of the woman? This is common in China
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