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Potty Training Tips 2010-04-23 04:00:05

Lil Community: Any Tips For Potty Training?

This post was submitted by elisabeth in the Ask Anything box.

My daughter just started asking to use the potty, she is 18 months. Sometimes she does it just so she doesn't have to go to bed right away but most of the time she will actually potty. We had bought her a kiddie potty a couple of weeks ago and didn't even bother to introduce her to it, thinking it was a little too early.

But she has been asking on and off to use it. I would love to get her out of diapers as soon as possible. Does anyone have any tips to make sure she keeps using the potty?

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kittyhawk78 kittyhawk78 7 years
@Marini Esguerra: note to self
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
lol, we let her run around naked, which was actually more like didn't put her clothing back on every 2 seconds when shed strip down and run around gleefully. We bought the potty around 15 months, and let her see it, sit on it, get used to it. Around 18 months, we let her run naked, and when she started to piddle, we whisked her onto the potty. It only took 2 times of that before she didn't do it anymore. 2 months later she made the decision not to wear her diaper anymore, and used the potty every single time from then on with no accidents. I personally don't agree with pushing them. I think the key for you right now is patience. She already gets it, she knows what its for, and she will eventually decide to start using it. She's already comfortable with using it occasionally, so i don't think those horror stories of 5 year olds really apply in this situation. Another thing i think is REALLY important is having a potty they can use on their own. Each kid is different, and some like the stairs and tiny toilet seat thing, and others like a little potty. We bought the frog potty from target because she could easily put hands on back and front and step over it, instead of having to back up to sit on it. Backing up to sit is really hard for them to master.
jenni5 jenni5 7 years
Be consistent. Sit her on it on a schedule that works for you both (every 30 min, when you use the toilet, etc). Get a box of little rewards for when she does go, like stickers or m&m's. And be patient. Some people have told me to just take the diaper off and let them run around naked but that just sounds messy to me.
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