Potty training is a daunting experience for toddlers and parents alike. Mom and Dad are anxious to get their tots out of diapers and the wee ones can't decide if they are about to pee pee or have already done the deed.

To see what some desperate parents are doing,


While many children start to shows signs of potty readiness by 18–24 months, not every kiddo falls in that category. For those that aren't quite into the bathroom antics, parents can send their lil ones to a six-week program at Children's Hospital in Boston or others like it around the country. At potty school, pediatric nurse practitioner Kimberly Dunn uses books, music, and art to encourage potty usage. It often turns out that many tots are hindered by medical conditions or fear of using the toilet.

Potty U program graduates walk out sans diapers. Hip, hip, her Hanes! Hip, hip, his Hanes!

If you couldn't get your child in cotton undies by age four, would you consider enrolling him in potty classes?