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Pouting Kid Brings Stadium to Its Feet

Pouting Kid Brings Stadium to Its Feet

Do you stand your ground when faced with a pouting, insistent kid, even a seriously cute one? Wait until you see this one.

During the fourth-inning of yesterday's ball game, Giants' player Brandon Belt's foul ball landed in the hands of a lucky spectator. The little fan sitting right behind wasn't too happy about just missing the ball, and began pouting in what we have to admit was an irresistibly charming way. The pout drew the attention of the Giants television announcers, who started broadcasting the scene live, and then sent a ball out to the boy. All's well that ends well!

Can your kids charm you into changing your mind?

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AshlieMoore45124 AshlieMoore45124 6 years
Don't be so harsh :S I don't give my daughter things when she fits but that must have been a serious let-down! I would have been happy my daughter got that dream ball, not fussy at the kind people. I mean theres a huge diffrence between that and your kid hitting the floor in walmart cause they can't have a toy and a stranger offering to buy it or something else rewarding.
AmandaSeery AmandaSeery 6 years
see it pays to put lol. looks like it works
MarthaGoddard MarthaGoddard 6 years
he must be Canadian
MarshaMais MarshaMais 6 years
And i actually watched this video. I almost threw up i my mouth a little had the announcers not had a little humor at this kid's expense.
TrinaLGrant TrinaLGrant 6 years
It was a sweet move by the team, and it was hardly detrimental to the boy's overall upbringing and welfare. I doubt this will turn him into a serial killer or anything, or heck, even set his parents' training back any. It's a heck of a lot better than seeing people being beaten to death over the outcome of a game. I'm glad to see some levity and joy come out of professional sports these days. Why can't we just let a baseball game and a cute moment be just that without dissecting whether or not this kid will grow up to be a spoiled narcissist?
RoxannePaynter RoxannePaynter 6 years
They are like me when it comes to a pouting kid, especially when it comes to my grandchildren. When they pout like that just find something that will make them happier. lol
AlexandraPearce AlexandraPearce 6 years
was lovely of them to do that but the kid or his dad didn't even reach for the ball, the lil kid next to the pouting one didn't moan at all. another kid getting something for nothing...what a terrific life they will lead
ChristineMartelli ChristineMartelli 6 years
Spolit Brat ! Toughen up princess life is full of dissapointments!
DanielleReardon DanielleReardon 6 years
I think it was reallly sweet of them to give them the balls. Its not spoiling them and it doesnt teach them that pouting will get you what you want. It was simply a nice gesture -- lighten up people!! Its not like it was his parents who went and bought him a ball for goodness sakes!
LoriMeyer50745 LoriMeyer50745 6 years
And he learned back behavior rewards, thanks guys.
LisaBerteaux LisaBerteaux 6 years
I just watched the clip again and realized there were other children around those people who were NOT pitching a fit.
MarshaMais MarshaMais 6 years
That just showed the kid that pouting will help him get his way. I see nothing cute about this.
realloveeee realloveeee 6 years
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JennettSwan JennettSwan 6 years
Kids need to learn that life is full of disappointments and that, if you don't succeed the first time, you have to keep trying until you do. An exception would be if the kid was terminally ill and was there for (what could be) his only game. I just think kids are way too spoiled these days.
vvNiki vvNiki 6 years
I was expecting something more than pouting and bringing a kid a ball......... boring
NicoleRogers60424 NicoleRogers60424 6 years
that was really nice of them to do that for the boys
DeniseGentry DeniseGentry 6 years
If I had been the lady, I'd have given the ball to the kid...
CoMMember13630391592162 CoMMember13630391592162 6 years
oh is that how you get a ball....
AmberRooney AmberRooney 6 years
Glad they gave him a ball, usually I can not stand pouting from my kids but in this case I deffinatly see why he was. Heck I may have pouted too!!!
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