Skin to skin contact with a parent can soothe a lil one like nothing else.

After my daughter's first doctor's appointment when she got vaccinated, the pediatrician encouraged me to nurse and hold her close to my body.

A new study shows that preemies benefit even more from skin to skin (also known as kangaroo mother care) contact. To see what was revealed,


A study published in the BioMed Central Pediatrics journal researched premature babies born between 28 and 31 weeks.

After the babes were subjected to routine blood drawings from their heels, the researchers used the PIPP (Premature Infant Pain Profile) to measure the infant's pain. PIPP measures grimacing, maximum heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels.

Those who were cuddled in the kangaroo mother care style prior to and during the procedures recovered faster than those babies who were just swaddled in blankets in their incubators.

Cuddled children appeared to be in pain for about a minute and a half where the swaddled babes often suffered longer than three minutes.