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Pregnancy Causes Gas

Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me? Not the Fun Kind of Bubbles

Many moms are too embarrassed to admit that one of the first signs of pregnancy is an onslaught of gas.

You'll be cozied up to your partner on the couch when all of the sudden, a frat boy beer burp comes roaring from your chest without warning.

To see what other surprises your body has in store for you,


Shocked and probably grossed out, your hubby looks at you like you've got three heads. But, he should be thankful that was the origin of the beast you unleashed.

In due time, while tucked between the sheets, you may unknowingly create a dutch oven. Luckily you will probably sleep through the rumbling, but your better half may wake from the quake and jump out of bed in fear of what has become of his love lair.

Some women experience gas early on in pregnancy as the progesterone hormone relaxes smooth muscle tissue throughout your body. The digestive tract is not immune to the loosening, causing your body to release more gas than normal.

On the bright side of things, like many other pregnancy symptoms, this toot, shall pass.


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