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Pregnancy Hacks

Brilliant Pregnancy Hacks That'll Keep You Sane

You can use two words that begin with "b" to describe pregnancy: beautiful and brutal. To help with the brutal part, we've put together seven genius, unexpected maternity hacks that'll make your life so much easier. You're welcome in advance!

Stay in Your Regular Wardrobe

Source: ABC

Stretch your favorite regular jeans with one easy trick using a sturdy rubber band! All you have to do is put the band halfway through the buttonhole of your jeans, put one end of the elastic through the other end's loop hole, and pull tight. Then when you're ready to slip on your jeans, pull the rubber band loop over to the button. There you have it! Your waist is now one to two inches relieved. The even better part is that it's not the only maternity clothes hack we have up our sleeves.

Keep Hydrated

Source: Shutterstock

Any expecting momma knows the importance of drinking H20. But what you may not know are these two unexpected ways to do so. One idea is to eat your water! Munching on water-filled foods like cucumbers and these other yummy hydrating recipes is a great alternative for staying refreshed. Another way? Swap soda for sparkling water if you're someone who can't give up the fizz.


Sleep Tight

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This helpful tip comes courtesy of some smart Redditors. Instead of investing in an expensive maternity pillow to tuck under your belly, use a travel neck pillow instead. The shape will get the job done, plus you can use it after the baby is born. Good night's sleep, here you come!

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Make Prenatal Appointments Convenient

The last thing a pregnant woman wants to deal with is the stress over not being able to book a convenient doctor's appointment. The very first time you go in, schedule all your visits even through your due date. This way, you'll get to choose your appointment times, which is smart especially if you have a well-sought out doctor.

Stave Off Unwanted Touching

Source: NBC

Having strangers touch your pregnant belly is no-no for most women, and it's even illegal in some places. You could always be direct when people try to pull the unwanted move on you and say something like, "Please stop; that makes me very uncomfortable." Or you could take the humorous route and follow some funny pregnant ladies who deny being pregnant to make strangers feel equally uncomfortable. Another jokester option? Touching the other person’s stomach so that they know how awkward it is.

Extend Your Bra Life

You know the dilemma: your cage expands so your bra band size grows without necessarily going up a cup size. Solve the issue with some bra extenders ($14) that'll add inches to your current bras before you purchase new ones.

Keep Everything Within Reach

Source: Thinkstock

Just because you can no longer bend down to reach the bottom drawer or jump up to snag something from the cupboards doesn't mean you have to stop everyday things like cooking. Thanks to one expecting mom's idea, all you need is one common item to save the day: "Kitchen tongs. Seriously. Between the random back pain, sciatica, and ridiculous belly, I can no longer jump on to the counters to get things from the cupboards . . . Need that bag of rice? Tongs. Box of cereal from on top of the fridge? Tongs." Genius!  

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