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Pregnancy Is Hollywood's Comeback Kid

There's just one thing better than a Hollywood blockbuster — being pregnant. Tinseltown may be ruthless, but when a woman's belly swells she's granted a reprieve and copious amounts of publicity. While onlookers imagine which onesies and soft soled shoes Brad and Angelina's twins will wear, the baby frenzy proves just as lucrative for Melissa Joan Hart, the former child star who now supplements her made for television movie income by blogging about potty training.

On a recent episode of Chelsea Lately, Melissa chatted about natural birth and the Maxim spread she did when she was 23 in order to plug Pampers Pull-Ups. The former teenage witch wouldn't get $10 million for pictures of her mini mes like the Jolie-Pitts are expected to, but motherhood has kept her in the media and gifted her a nice share of swag. To see how things have changed for famous pregnant women,


It used to be that expectant actresses wore tent dresses and stood behind couches and carried shopping bags to disguise themselves while shooting scenes for the big and lil screen. But once Reese Witherspoon got pregnant with Deacon prior to filming Vanity Fair all of that changed. The Oscar winner negotiated her burgeoning belly into the film.

And, just as the shutterbugs have camped out to catch the latest after hours hookups or bar brawls, they now wait with angled lens to catch couples exiting the maternity ward of Cedars-Sinai or Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale catching Kingston at the bottom of the slide. While critics roll a skeptical eye and call children celebrities' latest accessories, this infatuation with families is more a result of powerful women changing the game by choosing to have children and not feeling that they have to sacrifice their very public careers.

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Isista Isista 9 years
I disagree about Jamie getting pregnant for publicity. It almost hurt her career on Nick. I think she was just a girl who didn't protect herself the way she should have. Now I might agree on Ashlee, considering she is milking not only her pregnancy, but also her marriage, for all it's worth.
snarkylurker snarkylurker 9 years
Because getting pregnant at 16 will do *wonders* for her career, right?
KimBurnett KimBurnett 9 years
Yes. But some actresses are getting pregnant for the publicity. Hello, Jamie Lynn Spears and Ashlee Simpson.
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