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A Pregnancy Simulator for Men (Video)

A Pregnancy Simulator for Men (Video)

When you were pregnant, were you chagrined to discover that other women were far more likely than men to hold open a door for you or to offer up their seat? A scientist at Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan noted "the insensitivity of men" and decided it was time for them to experience what it’s like to carry a baby.

As the Huffington Post reports, the "Mommy Tummy" pregnancy simulator allows men to feel what it’s like to carry a baby from conception to full term by simulating weight gain, a baby's kicks, the difficulty of sleeping on one’s back while pregnant, and more.

Watch the video of the simulator here.

Image Source: ABC News via Huffington Post

RichardCornell RichardCornell 5 years
I would think if more fathers to be were in his wives shoes for 9 months, the population on this planet would be a lot smaller. A device attach to his penis. To give him a jab at all hours. His wife could have a button that gave him or his lower part an electric shock at odds times. Us guys will never feel that way not matter what device you put on us. My mother said after 2 kids that was enough. My sister said after 2 kids that was enough. My sister daughter said she wanted a large family, but after 2 kids, her husband got clip.
LaressaMarengere LaressaMarengere 6 years
And where are the guys willing to do this? I have a hard time getting my husband to get a vasectomy. I think that should be a small trade off for me having the
KathrynBass KathrynBass 6 years
To Valorie: I think the only thing anybody can understand of what you said is "hell ya".
ValorieTorres ValorieTorres 6 years
Let's go back in the stage lets make them take all kinds of pills to try to get pregnate , then have to be without anyone to talk to other then the nurse at the doctors office then sick,nerves,job , bills of the try . and then .... he gets pregnate by a sample and hes really screwed because she has now left you from the stress of the situation again all you have is a nurse at the doctors office... The buc's go tot he super bowl firt time ever you miss it because your sick and cant move bloated , yeast infection and then she just leaves you. Then 8 years later she dates some nut case who thinks shes a parent of the child you almost died for 27and a half hours of labor ripped out of you while your now exwife says nothing .... Im sure that leaves you with feeling of wanting to be lefrt in a room with her for 5 min so you can tell her just what you think of her ... All I have to say is it has to be there body weight and talk everyday at how they need to be a good parent when they arrive .... Can I get a hell yeah !!
GracesMommy GracesMommy 6 years
How about something that simulates labor and delivery? Then men would stop thinking they can handle the pain better.
CoMMember13631168226529 CoMMember13631168226529 6 years
This has been around for a long time. I saw it on the Phil Donahue show over 30 years ago. He wore it for most of his show (30 minutes). I think all fathers, especially 1st time fathers, should have to wear one for at least 30 days. Maybe they would be a little more empathic with their wives during their pregnancy.
SueCornell SueCornell 6 years
If it doesn't make men throw up for 3 or more months straight and give them stretch marks, it's not an effective teacher!
stephaniekilpatrick stephaniekilpatrick 6 years
That is HILARIOUS!! ♥
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